Sunsationally Flawless Makeup
Protecting Your Face Against Harmful UV Rays

Protecting your face from harmful UV rays is just as important as picture perfect makeup.  Your face often gets neglected when it comes to sunscreen application, but the intense rays of the Miami sun are not to be ignored! UV rays reach some of the highest rates in the nation in Miami, but you're in luck because we've got some products and tips that will give you the perfect look while protecting your skin from harmful sun exposure.   

Often times, sunscreen products are oily, abrasive, odorous, greasy, caky, or thick.  Reasons like this lead women to avoid the use of sunscreen products on their face.  While no one wants to walk around looking like a frosted cup-cake or a glazed donut, there are ways to protect your skin without the mess.  

For starters, it is recommended that SPF protection be no less than SPF 15.  Beginning after your cleansing regimen, use a moisturizer with SPF. Try La Mer The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid or for an added boost, try Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.  For sufferers of oily, dry, or sensitive skin, there's hope!  Sample products like Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme with SPF 15 for Normal to Combination Skin or Laura Mercier Mega Moisturizer SPF 15 for Normal to Dry Skin.

Next up: makeup application.  Everything from primers to concealers to foundations include SPF these days.  NARS Makeup Primer with SPF 20, Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer with SPF 30 and Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20 are just a few.  Test out different products or talk to your local beauty consultant to find out which products best fit your skincare needs.

Lastly, let's not forget those luscious lips!  Lips can also be affected by strong UV rays, so pucke r up with the proper protection.  Opt for a pre-lipstick base like MAC Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 and Lavender or try out lipsticks and glosses with SPF like Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine with SPF 15, Philosophy Supernatural Superglossy Lip Gloss with SPF 15 or Clinique High Impact Lip Colour with SPF 15.

Be sunsationally flawless whenever you step out. Your face will thank you!

TIP: Bring your moisturizer, lipsticks, foundations, primers or concealers with you as it is recommended that you touch up your SPF application about every two hours.