End Of Season Sales Can Be An Answer To Your Prayers
BCBG Maxazria Has The Goods

Still want to stay fashionable, but being on a budget is the case?  That’s what end of season sales are for- they're not just an urban myth, they really do exist!  Especially at BCBG over on Powell Street or even in the Westfield Centre.  The sales clerk will practically be pushing all fashionistas towards the sale racks!  Now that the spring collections have arrived, the winter frocks and fierce shoes must be tossed out with quickness.  Much room is needed for the new inventory, and winter stock is to be tossed into the next customers’ shopping bag. 

It’s not all waist-tied wool sweaters and fur-trimmed, collared wool pea coats- there are amazing picks that seem to follow the spring look.  Sassy, sophisticated finds such as cocktail dresses,  cardigan wraps,  cropped military jackets (in nude colors), textured power skirts, cropped cargo pants, simple clutches, and knit dresses are on sale! Remember, San Francisco still has the burr effect as it’s not quite spring yet, so strapping on a wool cardigan wrap can still give off that spring look. 

If this still hasn’t really sent out a rush-to-the-store feeling, here’s a little push- cocktail dresses off BCBG Maxazria’s Runway collection, are practically 75% off!  Considering a strapless, silk crème bustier dress was a whopping $398, but when it comes time to checking out, only a mere $100!  Along with those power skirts, which are marked at $158 and tossed in a shopping bag for $43!  So, word to the wise, get that booty moving and move it straight over to BCBG, before the goods are gone!