An Online Search Engine Causes A Stir
Boutiques.com Is Constantly Updating... And It's All For You!

Although Google came up with this ingenious idea last year, Boutiques.com is finally causing a stir. It’s a website that is a personalized shopping experience that lets you discover fashion garments and accessories through various boutiques that are influenced by celebrities, stylists, designers, and fashion bloggers.

Coming primarily from the visual search engine Like.com, Boutiques.com allows fashionistas to discover new looks and shop their own style with just the click of a button. It also creates an opportunity for designers to create a fan base for their collections online.

Founder Munjal Shah explained to CNET.com, “With soft goods, discovery is as important as intentional search (if not more so); you'll buy a digital camera based on searches for the best technology and product specs, not to mention the fact that you probably figure you need a digital camera in the first place. You may very well buy a pair of skinny jeans based on how good they look in a tableau or look book setting.”

Boutiques.com was developed by a fashion expert team that work with engineers to program the computer systems to understand patterns and pairings that users choose. When the members sign into their accounts, this website recognizes your style by their choices, which provides better and more accurate results, along with recommendations to add to their closet. It allows both ordinary people along with celebrities to assemble their boutiques and goods to be sold, which creates an interactive shopping experience and helps drive traffic to retailers’ websites.

Most recently, Google revealed updates to the main product search tool that accounts for physical store inventory, and allows the experience to be even better for customers. We here at Joonbug would love to hear if this website is doing well for your personal style, so let us know!