10 Hottest Spring Accessory Trends
Don't Leave Home Without Checking This List!

Check out this list of updated Spring 2011 trends straight from the runway!

1. Think your big, oversized black sunglasses would last you a few more seasons? Think again! White is the new black in this case. They will make your skin glow as well, so you cannot go wrong.

2. Speaking of sunglasses, have you noticed the Olsen’s wearing perfectly circular sunnies… particularly by Chanel? Well, DVF had her own version this season, and they aren’t for nothing. Get yourself a pair!

3. Lemon yellow and bright orange are two eye-popping colors that dominated multiple designers’ handbags on the runways.

4. Floppy, knitted hats were incredibly trendy on the runway for this season, so top off the ideal outfit with one. Finally, they’re good for more than just a bad hair day!

5. Pumps with prints are too cute for words. Not only are they eye-catching, but they scream Spring!

6. On the other hand, sporty looking pumps are just as glamorous. Minimalism from the 90’s is in style again, after all!

7. Statement necklaces. They are just what they sound like: necklaces that make people think “What in the world is that?” as they pass you on the street. Trust me, wear one the right way and you’ll get people staring!

8. Spring calls for sandals of course, so go for the cutout ones! Strappy ones with lace bows at the top would be the icing on any outfit!

9. Since the gladiator trend is burnt out, invest in flat, leather strappy sandals instead.

10. Remember the infamous, almost dreadful fanny-pack? Dread no more, because they’re making a comeback… in a much cuter version of course.

These ten looks were definitely memorable on the runway. Hopefully they’ll help with your selections for your Spring wardrobe- that is, if you haven’t snatched up a few already!