Sylvester Stallone Takes On The Fashion Industry
Men's Line "Stallone" Is Set To Hit Stores In 2012

Who knew that Sylvester Stallone would be a movie star gone fashion designer? WWD confirms that the “Rocky” star will be launching a men’s fashion line!

Being recognized for his sweatsuits, camo gear, and non-stop T-shirts in his roles in his movies, he feels like he knows what real men want when it comes to fashion and is destined to break into the industry. He developed a business named “Sly Inc,” owned by Stallone himself, in order to make his men’s lifestyle brand, “Stallone.”

Stallone told Men’sWeek that “clothing is the first step to building a character” and mentioned how essential it was to find the right outfit when creating Rocky. He truly became interested in fashion between filming “Rambo 2” and “Rambo 3” when he dropped from 185 pounds to 160, and needed custom clothing. Working with great tailors, choosing patterns and fabrics, and embracing textures all led him to believing he enjoyed the world of fashion. 11 years later, he wants to finally share his experiences and passion with a larger audience by building this brand.

So what will Stallone’s line exactly consist of? Targeting men between the ages of 25 and 40, the first categories that will be introduced include jeans, skirts, outerwear, underwear and watches. Following will be eyewear, grooming products, fragrance, activewear and athletic shoes. His inspiration? None other than his best-known characters, Rocky and Rambo. By showcasing “the rebel and the gentleman,” Stallone will hope to address the dual personality in each man.

Watch out for Sylvester Stallone’s first men’s line in 2012!