Olsen's Fashion E-commerce Takeover: StyleMint.com
A Look At The Duo's Latest Fashion Endeavor!

 Technology is finally expected to go a long way for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with their newest fashion adventure. These twin entrepreneurs will launch a new social media platform named StyleMint.com this July, according to WWD, in partnership with BeachMint Inc.

Its e-commerce-based design is exactly what the Olsen’s wanted for their new brand, and it will offer consumers a unique shopping experience. With personalized suggestions for products available for customers every month, it is similar to BeachMint’s first fashion enterprise JewelMint, which was based on jewelry. The registered members of the site take short quizzes, which allow the database to pick up on their unique style, which creates these personalized recommendations.

The garments for StyleMint will be designed and merchandised by the Olsen’s themselves, along with videos on the site. The duo recognizes that getting feedback is important, as well as recognizing the future of these monthly clubs.

The ‘The Row,’ ‘Elizabeth and James’ and ‘Olsenboye’ designers believe that this new creation will reflect their love of style and help them grow even more as designers. With their expansion of products within their already amazing brands and now this new interactive way of shopping with the twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley are on fire once again. The best part about this whole idea: The new Olsen-esque styles will start with eight styles of women’s t-shirts for only $29.99!