Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Department is Open & Products Could Be for Sale!
LC’s new project has her fans going gaga over her newly launched beauty website!

“The site will offer beauty tips—how to do the hottest runway tricks, how to wear purple eyeliner, how to do beach curls.” Lauren Conrad stated to Allure‘s Facebook page. The Hills star launched her beauty website in collaboration with make-up artist Amy Nadine and hair stylist Kristen Ess. Lauren Conrad has her hands full with her latest venture into the beauty-blog-media world.

LC’s site offers the latest and greatest tips ranging from her pick of pastel colored nail polishes in celebration of Easter to certain types of hair brushes to use for specific types of hair styles. One of the latest blog posts at the beauty department is the “Get Catty” tutorial. It features LC herself mastering the brush stroke of creating the cat-eye look. The video provides a step by step demonstration plus a description of how to master this difficult task. Personally speaking, the “cat-eye” is not an easy thing to create but practice makes perfect! The blog is beautiful, soft colored, elegant, and girly, but at the same time it has a kick to it that makes the beauty obsessed audience unable to ever give up on beauty.

The blog has many more tutorials, tips, and how-to’s for those curious to learn, understand, and create! Without having to try very hard, the support of her fans and her business woman-like aura has already sparked interest to the masses of make-up and hair fanatics. With a creative eye for beauty, LC has also released her want “to eventually put out her own line of cosmetics and hair products.”

Check out www.thebeautydepartment.com !