Exclusive Interview with Dana-Maxx Pomerantz
Up Close & Personal with the "All On The Line" Star!

Last Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to attend The Dana-Maxx label premiere party and private screening for their episode of “All On The Line.”

The Dana-Maxx label is an “advanced contemporary ready-to-wear collection”, according to the company’s website. It officially launched in 2007, and is known for always capturing true women ‘architectural’ silhouettes while having a chic, strong and edgy feel.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the designer herself, Dana-Maxx Pomerantz.

What is the main message that the Dana-Maxx la  bel strides to get across to its consumers? What is it all about?

“Empowering Women. Making women feel good from the inside out whether you wear a fabulous dress or fabulous ensemble. You feel good about yourself... or your shoulders are a little higher or a little taller. It’s important.”

I am absolutely in love with your minimalism and your eccentric head-turning color palette. Is there one piece or style that sticks out in your label that you really love?

“I love a good dress! Dresses always come really easily to me when I’m designing, so I always do dresses."

I looked at your F/W 2011 RTW collection and I love it! It gives women a sexy yet comfortable wardrobe. What do you feel is the best part about this fall’s collection that you did?

“I feel that it’s very sophisticated but effortless and very on trend but not too trendy. I just feel like I did a really good job kind of hitting the head in different areas in one collection. It looks cohesive and you can mix and match which is always very important!”

Tell me all about this event tonight!

“This event is for the premiere of my episode of “All On The Line” on the Sundance Channel. Joe Zee was my mentor on the show, and I had an amazing experience. He’s incredible and I learned so much from him.”

What did you learn from having Joe around? What was your favorite part?

“I think having the opportunity to meet with him one-on-one. He’s such a powerhouse in the industry and so well respected. I feel very blessed!”

What can readers expect from future Dana-Maxx collections?

“I feel I am on a certain path, making things that are effortless and architectural. I love mixing pops of color with neutrals. I love things that look very clean, so I hope to continue that. I love things with an edge. I have a serious voice, and I will continue that voice the right way.”


Look out for Dana-Maxx on the runways every season, because this redhead is truly on fire!