Stay Safe, Stay Negative
H&M's "Fashion Against AIDS" Campaign Is Heating Up!

H&M has been up to “negative” good with their 4th year of having a cause-friendly “Fashion Against AIDS” line. Celebrity endorsed and nationally recognized, this campaign is truly clever. More and more celebrities, such as Keri Hilson, Akon, Selma Blair, and Penn Badgley, as well as many others, are continuing to come together to help promote this special line.

As it is a unisex collection, all consumers can rock the look while raising awareness of this serious disease. With a relaxed and sporty vibe, H&M’s website gives ideas of how to wear the line to suit one’s style. Jackets, overalls, t-shirts, and sweat suits are all part of this special line.

This AIDS line is only available in specific locations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. 25% of all proceeds go to AIDS/HIV prevention programs, such as DAA, Youth AIDS, UNFPA, and MTV Staying Alive Foundation. Way to go, H&M!