Andrew GN Is Feeding Our Appetite For Fashion
His RTW Fall Collection Is The Creme De La Creme

Fashion is like chocolate for women- one taste and it’s over, and its love at first bite! The craving for more and more is on the menu, but unlike chocolate, fashion does cost a pretty penny. But, isn’t the sheer feel of trying on that fabulous coat for the first time like ecstasy? Even twirling around in front of the mirror for hours, imagining the lust in everyone’s eyes for that certain coat, while you are the lucky one that snagged it!

This is especially true when Paris designer, Andrew GN, is in the house and has these certain goods up for grabs! Just the welcoming of his hypnotic and enticing clothes intrigues you and casts a certain spell on you, almost as if in a trance or something. And as for the designer himself, he just welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel like that certain piece was made just for and only you.

The question is where is the place where most women dream of window shopping and chasing down the city’s most couturier fashion designers? Bon Appétit ladies, Andrew GN has the ladies waiting and anticipating with his lethal looks and right in the midst of Paris! His spring and fall collections are breathless, and the fabrics seem so fragile, but made to be the envy of them all! From the high flared collared button up blouses, jersey leggings, flared-asymmetrical coats and whimsical gowns, it seems as everything might just be snatched up, before the autumn leaves fall to the ground.

Put your orders in ladies, because his pieces from this fall collection are stacking up and those closets should be replenished for this upcoming fall season! At least, that’s what Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Amy Adams, and so many more have already been doing for years.