Your 10 Step Guide to Savvy Shopping















If you're anything like us, you want to go shopping right about... now. It's mid-summer, and it seems like those shorts/flats/maxi dresses you've been loving for the past two months just don't seem to be cutting it anymore. We understand how you're feeling, so we put together a little list on how to make this season your best shopping season yet.


1. Preparation is Key

Nothing gets you ready for a successful shopping trip than knowing what you’re looking for. We’re talking specifics here, people! Don’t just go out and shop for something to wear to a party. Look for a dress for the occasion, something white, in lace to go with your brown strappy wedges -- you get the idea.


2. Pull Yourself Together

Easy, tiger. Before you go in for the kill, get yourself ready. Wear clothing, accessories and shoes that are comfortable and easy to take off. Think about what you’re wearing underneath, too. Our recommendation is to stay perfectly discreet in a nude, seamless bra and thong combination.


3. Go Solo

Don’t get us wrong: we love our girlfriends. Nothing bonds us together more than a successful trip to a flea market or vintage shop, but when it comes down to the wire and you’re serious about a purchase, ditch them. You’ll focus on the things you are really looking for, save time and probably money, too.


4. Test It Out

Take it out for a spin (within the vicinity of the store, obviously) to make sure you’re getting the best fit. Sit, bend, and check yourself out from every angle when trying on clothing. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate for accessories, like a belt or heels, to help you visualize the way you’ll wear your new item.


5. Stick With Some Basics

Stock up on items that you know you'll love, especially ones that are transitional. If you've discovered the perfect v-neck tee, go ahead and nab another one (or two) in a different color. You know you're going to tuck it into skirts for the summer and underneath blazers in the fall.


6. Love Your Body

Know your body and what works for you. We admit, this is a lot trickier than it sounds. A good rule of thumb is comfort. The second you start tugging at that hemline or laying on the floor to zip up those skinny jeans (not that we’ve been there or anything...) you know you’ve got an issue. Respectfully part ways with those unflattering styles and go get yourself something you’re going to feel and look absolutely gorgeous in.


7. It's Okay to Splurge Sometimes

If you’re hesitant on an item, factor in price per wear. No calculator required, we promise. Simply put: splurge on the things you’re going to wear to pieces like a little black dress or a classic button-up.



8. Be Real

For you bargain hunters out there, take caution when buying items on sale. What you think you can incorporate into your wardrobe might just end up collecting dust in your closet. Before bee-lining for the checkout, ask yourself “Would I get this if it wasn’t on sale?” No? Move on.


9. Don't Panic!

As you near your journey’s end, you may become a little frazzled. At some point panic will dawn on you and you’ll realize you’ve been at Bloomingdale’s for what seems like years. Whatever you do, do not compromise! Yes, your feet hurt, you’re tired and hungry. We don’t care. Buying out of desperation can only lead to one thing: a next-day return.


10. Make Friends

Throughout your experience, get to know the staff a little, especially in more intimate boutiques. You’ll get the help you need, a potentially valid second opinion, and the inside scoop to upcoming sales.