Understated Elegance at Escape to New York


If nothing else, summer music festivals are a great guide to dressing hippie-dippie chic. Bonnaroo and Pitchfork are magnets, it seems, for girls wearing tie-dye and flowers in their hair; who else is the market for gorgeous $500+ feather headdresses and those rad Proenza tribal prints?

The Escape to New York Festival on Southampton's Shinnecock Indian Reservation was no exception, with flocks of girls wearing dreamy, statement-making get-ups that seemed made for patronizing trucks serving cuisine from the Fat Radish and gallivanting around the "glamping" (a portmanteau of "glamorous camping") site. But among the more radically attired (there was a woman in a miniskirt made of MetroCards--we kid you not), there were a few ladies in elegantly understated ensembles that nailed the sophisticated festival look.

This gal was a fine example. The purple and teal of her vintage dress play off each other in a surprisingly vibrant way: the bright blue buttons look wonderfully fresh against the purple, creating a perfect late-summer palette. Her black combat boots keep the ensemble from looking too sweet--and show her smarts when it comes to picking the right footwear for stomping around fields. Plus, the boots are totally rock 'n roll legit (Patti Smith was the headliner, after all). Add the music festival fashion requisites--oversized shades and a straw hat--and she's ready to rule the summer festival circuit.