Are You a Fashiontechanista?
Top 10 Mobile Downloads For the Fashion Savvy

 Are you an avid shopper? Do you have the need for fashion? Well, designers have made it easier for you to reach their products and services by placing it all in the palm of your hands, literally! Besides the Michael Kors and BEBE apps on my smartphone which I cannot live without, there are downloads more geared towards keeping up with your personal styling. These app tools vary from shopping, to styling, to staying up-to-date with the latest collections and designer deals.

With the iPhone and iPad comes an endless array of fashion related downloads in the Apple App Store. However, retailers are lacking in the investment of apps that are usable across all mobile operating systems. Expanding mobile reach is a beneficial two way street on Fashion Ave. For mobile users style apps become another way for shopping and making fashion decisions.  On the other side of the street, designers and fashion sites can take advantage of the e-commerce and exposure it brings to collections and services. Not to say that if your phone runs on a different operating system such as Blackberry OS or Android you’d be outmoded; because these mobile platforms also have their fair share of fashion gadgets.

 For the purpose of this list, I have searched, installed and uninstalled countless Apple apps so you don’t have to. Listed are top 10 style and fashion apps for your glam fancy. 


  1. Chicfeed If you ever need inspiration with some panache, this is the app for you. Chicfeed compiles photos from style blogs all over the web and puts them in one convenient place. Users can sort through many styles for an eye-full.   
  2. Glamour Ask a Stylist The mobile supplement to the magazine has on call stylists of all senses to help with all your sartorial uncertainties, and can relieve you of those fashion anxiety days that you just can’t choose what to wear. Just upload your pics and in not fashionably-late timing, a glamour stylist fit to your taste will comment on the best choice.  This app puts your girlfriends in your pocket.  
  3. Gilt – Gilt Group is a website with endless names of fashion designers at half-off prices. The Gilt app allows users to shop and get alerts for sales and deals right at their fingertips. This is one of the few apps that are available for most smartphones.
  4. Lucky at Your Service “Your digital shopping concierge.”  Lucky at your service features thousands of products and apparels. If you see something that you like you have the option to find the product online or have a store located near by that would have the product. And here’s the amazing part, this app lets you put the item on hold until you can go pick it up! The GPS search is limited to the greater NYC area.  
  5. Net-a-porterExclusive to iPhone, iPad and iTouch, is the luxury magazine app supplement to the website net-a-porter.com. As you scroll through the mobile magazine, users can browse through and purchase featured items.  
  6. ShopStyle: Mobile – Over hundreds of e-commerce sites are all in one place for one-stop shopping on the go.  From Bluefly to Neiman Marcus, users can shop for products based on category, store, brand, keyword, size, color, etc. The wide range of selections is perfect for having many options when looking for something specific.  
  7. Style Caster Style caster saves you all the aggravation of daunting questions like “What’s the weather?” and “What do I wear?” This app sends you daily style advice on what to wear based on the weather forecast in your current location. Another benefit is that you can always change the location for better packing when you just don’t know what to bring with you on vacations. Users also have access to style videos, fashion news content and shopping. 
  8. Style.comStyle.com brings the “fashion-action” live. Haute couture is brought to you on the go,
    with runway shows of hundreds of designers with their new collections and also from past seasons. The app includes fashion show videos, pictures, and reviews from style experts and behind-the-scenes glance at  fashion events. The mobile app also features the style blog, Style File.  
  9. Lustr Fashion Finder – So, you happened to have made that wrong turn 15 blocks back and you have no clue where you are. Lustr Fashion finder may not help you navigate back, but it will steer you to all the sales and promotions in the area based on your GPS location.  You can narrow your search to product type (i.e. shoes), occasion (i.e. wedding), and style (i.e. Boho chic).
  10. Stylebook Last but certainly not least and my fav for wardrobe organizing. Stylebook allows you to carry your closet in your pocket. For $3.99, you can upload photos of your chic diggs and the app will help you organize and coordinate outfits. Unlike other closet organizing downloads, this one lets you mix and match, resize, layer and assemble your outfit straight from your phone.