Nolcha Fashion Week
Hot Off the Runaway: Celebrating Independent Fashion

If you weren't able to find your way to Lincoln Center this year you may want to consider venturing out of the tent and support your favorite independent designer. Here is the (Part I) recap of what’s hot in the NYC studios. Three designers in particular made their mark this year starting with the choice to opt for alternative fashion week Nolcha Inc., instead of pushing four inclusions in the much crowded Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 


Nolcha Inc, an award-winning promotional, events and retail platform specializing in independent fashion designers; offers cost efficient packages to up and coming as well as independent designers. The Nolcha Fashion Week program which travels through New York and London also provides networking, social e-commerce opportunities, first rate exposure to key decision makers within the fashion industry. Nolcha is the only other NY/London Fashion Week event aside from the exclusive Mercedez Benz Fashion Week that is recognized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

With the rise of music stars and rising fashion icons such as Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj, this year's theme has become the year of weird. The term weird itself is given new meaning. Participating designers in both the Mercedes Benz and Nolcha Inc. Fashion Week Spring Collections are showing us that weird isn't just awkward, weird can be bold, and how can fashion be innovating without taking a few risks?

Designer Carlos Luna opened up the runway yesterday afternoon with his collection of beautiful bodice dresses. Luna whose previous Fall 2011 collection was featured at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY Fall 2011, graced the Nolcha runway with combination of bright colors and plunging neck lines. Luna turned heads last year during his debut featuring a couture line. This year Luna featured a collection of fashion forward ready to wear pieces that are sure to be the center of attention at any event. The combination of soft bright palettes complemented with sheer material effectively captured the element and refinement. Most attendees agreed that the eye popping moment occurred when the collection featured a Black sheer to the skin overlay chiffon tent blouse (Whoa!).  Luna's designs fit close to the waist and reflected the female silhouette in a most flattering manner. The viewing of Luna's collection ended with a standing ovation making him once again a force to be reckoned with.

 His collection left a hard act to follow and several literally stumbled behind until the viewing of Eredappa. Eredappa by Eredappa Hart followed up her debut from last December with her Spring Collection. The collection which boasts that its designs specifically represent women who look to make a statement, held to its guns with a combination of prime choices in  color, material and texture. All of which created a series of bold evening dresses. A significant amount of detail was taken into high consideration. Each of Hart's designs one after the other elegantly presented the beauty, strength, and complexity of the female image. 

Following that beauty was Zula NY. Zula NY by Zula Khramov brought her own brand of sexy pieces to her Spring 2012 Collection.  The skin tight designs and organic textile blends made for a unique line. Khramov, who released a pre-spring collection last March, still held audience's attention to the very end with a series of diving back lines and strappy rompers. Yours truly will be following these three closely for developments in the following year.

To see the complete Spring 2012 Collections for Carlos Luna, Eredappa, and Zula Studio - NY: See slideshow below.

For More Information On Nolcha -NY Fashion Weekhttp://nolcha.com/nolcha-fashion-week