Nail Noir
Best black nail polishes on the market

It's been a while since the days of coloring my nails with a black Sharpie during 7th grade study hall. But that doesn't mean my penchant for nail art has changed much. As an adult I've upgraded from marker to proper polish, and occasionally even enlist the help of a professional.  Still, the perfect onyx color has long eluded me.  Most black lacquers I've tried are runny, chip easily, and leave my nails looking well, about the same as they did in study hall. Light and sheer is desirable for some shades, but with black it's important to find a rich, full bodied color. Polish that is too thin or light requires multiple layers that eventually end up a gooey mess. Countless cotton balls and bottles of acetone later - not to mention the occasional cringe worthy paint fleck on my teeth - I've compiled a list of lacquers perfect for fall that make the angtsy teen inside me pout with appreciation.


Chanel Le Vernis Black Satin - This luxurious and long lasting black has a subtle but sexy shimmer that Elvira would be envious of, making it worth every penny.



OPI Black Onyx - OPI's Black Onxy delivers rich color that goes on easily and touts the brand's signature chip resistant quality.





Rimmel Lycra Pro Black Pearl - Enriched with lycra and UV protection, this jetty varnish won't fade or break the bank.

Essie Licorice - A literal black sheep in the Essie family of pastels, Licorice is a delightful deviation. The inky hue is deep, dark and glossy.