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Designer Carrie Perry Uses Sustainable Methods In Producing 2012 Spring Collection

Ever pick out an item off the rack at your favorite store and wonder how it was made? Does that curiosity ever lead you to inquire about the impact the item might have had on the environment where it was produced? Enter the green machine that is the creative mind of sustainable fashion designer Carrie Perry. The California born breakout designer who recently launched her self titled brand at the 2012 Nolcha Fashion Week in September, draws her creativity from 60s high fashion, traveling circuses, as well as iconic she-ros such as Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. Perry’s most recent collection features tailored garments with warm tones that present the designer’s retro style.

Sourcing Sustainability

From production to manufacture Perry’s designs make a statement without making a negative impact on the environment. Aside from organic materials such as wool and cotton more commonly used in today's fashions, Perry also uses recycled polyester manufactured in New Jersey and other materials when creating her designs. In fact most of the materials used in Carrie Perry Collections are manufactured in New Jersey, California, and other areas within the United States. All garments are produced locally in New York City, NY. In efforts to conserve energy and water the warm tones found in Carrie Perry garments are achieved through water based inks and digital printing. All of which are produced in San Fransisco.


Why We Love Carrie Perry

Currently Carrie Perry has been on the road promoting her collection in a traveling trunk show. If you’re in love with her old school glamour you can vote for her now at http://www.fashionstake.com/browse-by-designer/carrie-parry.html