DIY Spooky Halloween Nail Art
Cat Eyes, "Dexter", & Stitched look!

With Halloween only five days away, most of us  (or maybe some of us) are scrambling around for a costume and cute extra accessories to nail the look.

So, you have everything else but your nails done. Check out these amazingly cute and spooky nail designs we found on Refinery 29!

In the Dark Cat Eyes: All you need is black and white nail polish. Make sure to use the "nail art" white nail polish with the refined brush to make the design easier. Paint three curves, color them in but leave a slight opening for that "eye" illusion.




Two-Tone Colors & Stitching: Two of your favorite spooky colors, try one glow-in-the dark bright color and a black nail art pen.






The "Dexter" Blood Splatter: This design is simple and fun! You need white and red nail polish and a straw. This will get kind of messy so tape up the outer edges of your nails. Use white for the base and dip the straw into the red polish, blow through it on the other end and splat! Find these designs in more detail at www.refinery29.com.

Also, check out www.fashionista.com for more spooky nail designs!