Winter Beauty Brigade
Must-haves to keep scales, flakes and frizz at bay

With winter a mere month away, it's time to admit to summer's departure, lay the bronzing powder to rest, and break out the defensive gear. Frizzy hair, dry skin, and chapped lips are a few of the unsightly casualties in the battle against cold weather. Luckily there’s an arsenal of products on the market to help us defend ourselves against Mother Nature and send her packing into spring.

Frizzy Hair- Dry, brittle hair is nearly unavoidable during winter- even for those of us with locks normally on the oily side. Dreads, tangles and fly-aways can be tamed with Aveda’s Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Made from organic lavender and jojoba oils, this serum restores softness and shine to your winter ravaged mane.

Dry Skin- The thickest pair of mittens aren’t enough to protect our paws from the elements, and rough cracked hands are not only unattractive but painful. Hailing (pun intended) from favorite apothecary Kiehl’s, their Ultimate Strength Hand Salve can be a trusted ally. Rich and nourishing, the salve is formulated from avocado, eucalyptus and olive oils, which work to moisturize and repair without leaving behind greasy residue.


Chapped Lips- Scaly, flaky lips are another sign of winter's assault, and Lush's None of Your Beeswax Lip Balm is armor for your pout. All natural and animal free, the balm's cocoa and murumuru butters are natural emollients to sooth damaged skin. The balm is also infused with mandarin oil for a slightly sweet taste. Slather on this balm to keep your lips soft to the touch.