Halloween Couture
Five Fashion Forward Costume Ideas For Halloween

Ah yes, Guys and Ghouls, it's that time of year again, Halloween is here! For those of you who decided to jump the gun and celebrated over the weekend, you will soon learn that Friday nights are for amateurs. A Monday Halloween will weed out the weak and define the real party animals who will rule the night! Just in case your busy life schedule has not permitted you the time to pop into your favorite costume store to snag your dream costume, don't fret. Here are a few last minute, yet very fashionable ideas that are sure to deter you from butchering your Egyptian cotton sheets to turn them into a toga.
1. Be Katy Perry for Halloween! Everyone loves to dress up like their favorite celebrity, so who better to swag grab from then the couture influenced multi-Grammy nominee whose hottest looks are literally ripped from the runway. The model shown here is wearing one of the outfits shown in a Christian Dior fashion show nearly 3 years before the California Dream star made her first debut.






2. The Geisha theme has often been popularized on both on the runway and among trick or treaters alike. They make great for Facebook pictures and just about every mainstream designer has presented their collection using their own rendition of the Geisha theme at least once. If you're going to spend the time even putting a costume together, make sure to go all out! The late great Alexander McQueen is the epitome of all things theatrical. The model featured in this picture is wearing an item from one of the now archived/vintage collections. If you are still looking for inspiration and Alexander McQueen is right up your alley, take a look of past images from the Savage Beauty Exbihit that displayed McQueen's best work from 2010 through this past August.




3. Black Swan. This concept design is especially for the guys in mind. Why should the ladies get to have all the fun on Halloween? We think it would be pretty rad if the Black Swan were a dude!  For those of you brave guys searching for a little last minute inspiration and some threads, any of these items featured in this image of the promotional fashion show hosted by Tsuchiya Anna in Japan, can be purchased at your local 99cent and or thrift store. Just don't tell her about it. 





4. Runway-inspired domanatrix. If you are not into taking the creative route or you simply just don't have

time, try picking from one of the more commonly used 

costume selections, but be sure to put a fabulous spin on your attire. Anyone can walk into a porn shop, buy a cheap pleather whip,

strap on some scruffy combat boots, and call themselves a

dominatrix . However, nothing says "I'm in charge and your gonna love it" like 4 inch swede black booties, a chiffon romper, and a matching studded leather mini to set. This fierce retro twist on the dominatrix look taken straight from Diane Von Furstenberg's latest Pre-Fall Collection, can also transition into a chic gothic costume quite nicely.







5. Poweranger. If all hope fails and you are convinced that even after reading this you have no other options, you and your friends can get together and go as the POWERANGERS, as seen here in this classic Versace shoot. Happy Halloween!