To Bang or Not To Bang
Fringe is the question

Fall 2011 has brought us yet another trend from the runways - the blunt bang.  Inspired by a laid-back, bohemian style the haircut works best when the fringe is worn straight and thick, hitting the top of the eyes and is paired with shoulder-length hair.  However, the style also works well with short hair and medium-length cuts (such as a bob).  Due to its versatility, it seems as if everyone has been jumping on the Bang Bandwagon - but how do you know if it's right for you? 

The first and most important thing to consider is the texture of your hair.  If it's extremely curly or wavy, ask yourself if you feel like taking the time each morning to carefully style your bangs.  If your hair is very fine, you may want to reconsider going for the cut since bangs that lay flat against your forehead aren't exactly flattering.  Face shape is also an important factor.  While blunt bangs can help accent strong cheekbones or an oval-face, they only make a small face look smaller or a round face look rounder.  

After all this internal debate, if you still haven't made up your mind (or maybe have trouble with commitment) there is one option left.  The clip-in fringe.  This can be tricky - a miscalculation on color and the look can instantly turn from cutting edge to shaking heads.  It's vital that the faux bangs color and texture be the same or very close to your real hair color.  Additionally, the clip-in piece should be made from real human hair.  Most substitutions look fake and plastic.  Last but not least, be sure to secure the clip-in perfectly straight and as tightly as possible - be sure to use a mirror to ensure success.  Nobody looks chic with a crooked hair piece.  A good trick is to buy bangs a bit longer than the length you'd like so you can clip them further back onto your head and hide the seam with layers of your own hair from the top of your head.  

Here are some of our favorite clip in bangs for this fall and winter: 

Jessica Simpson Hair Do - a variety of colors to match every shade, simple application and heat resistant material make these an industry favorite and Glam Damn It's top pick.  

Sally Beauty - real human hair means you can style these professional-quality faux bangs.