The Best Return Policies You Should Know About
Want to satisfy everyone on your list this holiday season? Be sure to check out these amazing return policies!

Between all of the mall madness and holiday shopping chaos, it’s nearly impossible to please every single fashionista on your list this joyful season. Rather than stressing over what will happen to your eh, mediocre gift, we’re here to give you the scoop on the best return policies for your not-so-satisfied gift recipients. Besides, who doesn’t like a nice chunk of change in a store credit? We know we do! :::wink wink:::

 First off, their is no time limit for returning items, which is why we love Bloomie’s! As long as you have the tags with the return label on it, you’ll get all of your money back in store credit form. Unless of course you have the receipt, then you’ll get a full refund based on the original form of payment. If you buy something off Bloomingdale’s.com, you can return that to any of their stores as well! But again, just be sure to keep those tags with the return label!!

Kohl’s has a Hassle-Free return policy. Bring the items you want to return and they’ll do the rest! First off, there is no time limit on returns! With the receipt, you’ll be fully refunded for every penny by the original method of payment. If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll just get an even exchange in merchandise credit. Yay!

Return anything at anytime if you’re not 100% satisfied with your items purchased. You don’t even need the tags!! Return items to an L.L.Bean store or online. L.L.Bean is known for their wonderful return policy because they pride themselves on making quality clothing that lasts! We’ll take it!


As long as you have the original tags, you can return the items after 180 days from the date of purchase. With the receipt, you’ll receive a full refund. Without the receipt, you’ll get store credit. This gives you about 6 months to return your things!


You can return anything at anytime to Nordstrom!! How wonderful is that? As long as you have the tags, you’re good to go. The tags just help them to pull up the item to refund your money. You do not need to bring the receipt, however if you have it, that’s always a plus. Say you use a credit card to pay for your items, you don’t even need to bring that credit card when you go to return your item. Easy, simple, stress free. We love!

Get this, you can return used products to Sephora without the receipt, just make sure you didn’t use half of it! Sephora prides themselves on keeping their customers happy and satisfied. When it comes to beauty products, we can do some damage, especially in a beauty store heaven like Sephora. It’s quite comforting to know that you can return any product at any time, even without the original packaging. Say you’re not so happy with that coral blush you were so tempted to buy, not a problem! Head down to Sephora for a full refund in store credit. If you have the receipt and the original box you can get a full refund in the form of your original payment!

The oh-so-popular online shoe store allows returns up to 365 days after the date of purchase! Many people are skeptical about buying shoes online. “What if they don’t fit?” “The shipping costs more than the shoes!” Well, they’ve nipped these concerns in the butt, because they pay for your shipping costs too. Hallelujah! Just make sure the bottoms don’t look worn out.