Diamond in the Rough: Catbird Boutique
Brooklyn boutique showcases jewelry's finest

If you’re walking down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, you’d be remiss not to pay a visit to the beacon of 14k gold light that is Catbird. Situated amongst a dozen coffee and bagel shops, the boutique is rife with select jewelry and curios from local and little known artisans. Everything from simple stud earrings to ornate engagement rings can be discovered inside the tiny treasure trove- and the bounty of baubles means there’s something for every taste and budget. The amount of eye (and ear, neck and finger) candy can be overwhelming to choose from so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite pieces to get you started.

Katie Diamond Astrid Necklace (left)
- This delicate moonstone hangs from a vermeil chain and should be worn during a full moon to enhance its metaphysical properties or daily to enhance any neckline.



Bittersweets NY Cat Ring- This handmade ring is fashioned from whisper thin rose or yellow gold. “Crazy cat lady” never looked so good.









Jezebel Evil Eye Ring- One can’t help but cast envious glances at this silver Evil Eye ring. What makes a better talisman than one encrusted with diamonds?








Catbird Alphabet Earrings- Move over, Laverne. These tiny, 14 pt font alphabet studs come in silver and gold and are a quirky, understated alternative to a monogrammed sweater.









Julie Nolan Astrological Cuff- This chunky brass cuff is drilled with your choice of Zodiacal constellation as it appeared in an early 20th century calendar. That’s what we call celestial chic.


For those not in the New York City area, don't despair. You can satisfy your need for bling at Catbird's webstore.