Nail Polish: With Limitless Options, It's Easy To Get Lost
Here are the top five nail polish colors this season.

 Ah, the dreaded salon nail polish tower, more commonly known as the torture device laden with every shade one can imagine, plus colors that we never knew existed. All women have, at least once (most have been there countless times) had to walk up to the 10 foot nail polish mecca and somehow muster up the courage to make a snap decision with no turning back, well at least for a week or so. Sure, the similar colors are in some sort of a group, but this is no consolation, all this does is further the chaos of the mountainous cathedral. As a result, the job at hand seems more like a creative thinking challenge, rather than a relaxing lunch hour. Sweat beads on the back of the victim’s neck while the receptionist (who happens to be as friendly as a grizzly) screams “Pick a color!” over and over again until the chooser gets freaked out and then she grabs a sparkly neon blue without realizing it. By the time the hideous color registers in their brain, it's too late. The bright blue fate is sealed. Better luck next time. Want to beat the tower? Select any of these winter 2011 trendsetters.


Golds, silvers, and bronzes are festive, yet work appropriate polish   colors. These colors aren’t new to the salons, but there are definitely some different hues this season.


(Timeless Gold by Dior)





This season calls for the defining red to have more of an orange hue. Each year there is a new “must have” red. This year, the boldness of the orange-red is at the top of the list.


(Fire by Dolce and Gabbana)




Gray is the new black this season. The shades of gray range from dark, almost black, to having a lavender, purplish hue on the lighter end of the spectrum. Any member of this family will be a great way to add subtle style to your look.


(Avenue Montaigne by Dior)




Conceptually, a neutral color is comprised of a mix between ivory, beige, taupe, and brown, but as always, there are exceptions. Neutral shades have never been unpopular, but this year they are all the rage.


(Jade Rose by Chanel)





                                           Light Blue   

Icy, light blue is a winter 2011 must wear. It’s icy shimmer and crisp color make this the perfect pairing for any winter wardrobe.




Stop falling victim to the mayhem that comprises the nail salon’s choices. Be strong and pick a stylish polish, in spite of that harsh environment. Do not let the woman yelling “Pick a color” on a repeating loop become a distraction. Locate any of the colors listed above on the next tower challenge and walk out a winner (with a killer manicure as well).