Birchbox.com: Free Samples For The Win
Now celebrities aren't the only ones entitled to free designer make up and skin care samples!

A wise woman (Heylia James, Weeds) once said “If it’s free, it's me. I don’t turn down anything but my collar baby." In this economy, who can afford not to live by that message? With that being said, everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch. Now, thanks to birchbox.com, there are free beauty and skin care samples. If given the option, it’s fair to say that free samples beat lunch. Not only will the samples help keep you looking great, they don’t come along with added calories.  Time for a new cliche.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here are the basics about the fabulous Birch Box.

Every month there will be a Birch Box delivered to your doorstep (think of the gas savings) that includes 4-5 brand name (think Benefit and Stila) samples of the latest and greatest products. Now these are not just randoms that didn’t sell.  The samples chosen are hand-picked for you based on a questionnaire you fill out upon sign up.  Should you fall in love with any of the samples, they are all available in their full size glory on birchbox.com.

Not ready to sign up yet? Let’s bring it home. There are some additional features on birchbox.com that no one should be forced to live without.

The Magazine
This was created to help make the most of your free swag. The magazine includes, but is not limited to a tips, advice, and the latest celebrity trends. Should you feel the need to watch a video on how to do a certain hairstyle, those are at your disposal as well. Do you need to know the best way/ time/ amount of a certain sample to put on? You know where this is going…. Birchbox.com magazine has all the answers. Think of the magazine as your personal beauty adviser, who is so dedicated, she is on call 24-7… and just when you thought customer service was extinct.

The Shop
So you just ran out of your favorite hair product. With tomorrow night’s date looming, you jump in the car, rush to the salon, only to find out this is sold out. Now what? Surely bad hair is a fate worse than almost anything else, panic sets in. Though you may be out of luck this time, there is a way to make sure this never happens again. How? The Birch Box shop. When you fall in love with your free products, which is basically a guarantee, you can head right over to birchbox.com and place your order. For the girl in a hurry, there is overnight shipping.

This site is for real. The founders met at Harvard Business School, so you know they have an idea on how to do things right. Birchbox.com was featured in Marie Claire, InStyle, and The New York Post. Unlike other sites that promise the world and don’t deliver, birchbox.com does. It’s time you received the service you deserve.