DIY: Raspberry Sugar Body Scrub
Exfoliate to Feel Great in 2012

One of the most popular New Year's Resolutions is always "to get/stay/be more healthy". At Glam Damn It, we count ourselves among the masses that believe 2012 is going to be our greatest year yet. Not quite two weeks into the New Year and yes, we're keeping up with trying to get to the gym more. And yes, we're watching what we eat and trying to get the recommended average of eight hours of sleep per night. But between jobs and dates and girls' nights, sometimes those things are easier said than done. One way to make sure you always look and feel your healthiest is to start a new skincare regimen. When your skin feels vibrant, you feel so much healthier and more motivated to keep up with those other not-so-simple resolutions.

There's no need to schlep down to Sephora and drop a quarter of your paycheck on some Creme de la Mer, either. Some of the greatest skin care ingredients can be found right in your kitchen and take about five minutes to whip up into a fabulous exfoliator. The best part is, because our sugar scrub is all-natural it can be used on all skin types - oily, dry, combination, and mature.

So, whether you believe 2012 is going to be your most glorious year yet, or that we're all going to go down in a blaze of glory at years' end we can all agree that 2012 is going to be memorable. Why not have the most healthy, glowing complexion around? Our DIY raspberry-sugar body scrub will help clean your skin's surface, unclogging pores and speed up cell turnover. Use it once per week and you'll begin to notice a big difference in how your skin looks and feels.














1 package raspberries

1 tbs. Almond Oil

1/2 C White Sugar

1/3 C Brown Sugar

2 tbs. +/- lemon juice (to make less thick)

1 clean, empty glass jar

1.) Assemble ingredients.

2.) Mash ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl. Add lemon juice last.

3.) Pour final product into glass jar. Label outside with marker and decorate with ribbon if you're feeling ambitious. Refridgerate until ready to use.