NOLCHA Fashion Week 2012 Recap
At the runway with emerging designers, Baruni, Rebeca Tiago, Antonia, Riza Manalo, Carlos Luna, and more!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week can get a little chaotic at times: so many designers to see, so much to get done in such a small amount of time! For those who still want to be able to soak in the scene without the high level of intensity, Nolcha Fashion Week is the way to go!

We stopped in yesterday to give the independent designers a go and we have to say, the experience was quite extraordinary! Each designer’s collection was not only extremely unique, but also very different from one another with not one moment of boredom on the runway and the crowed! All of the shows took place at the super artsy Ailey Studios. The first show began in the afternoon with designers Farasha, Megla M, Carlos Luna, Teresa Rosati, and Vassilis Zoulias. Farasha started us out with a Russian-like theme, lots of fur trims, hats and coats, and the usage of tweed mixed with blues and turquoise was a great touch. Teresa Rosati’s pieces could be characterized as black swan-meets-Madonna by her use of dramatic makeup, bright embellishments and sequin dresses as well as sharp shoulders and black lace. The last show of the morning by Vassillis Zoulias was definitely the most memorable. He used such  interesting headpieces that is was hard to focus on the clothes! You’ve seen hats with the little feather decoration I would assume? Now, instead of having just one little feather, picture an entire bird carcass on the side of the hat, and you can only imagine the beginnings to the insanely avant garde millinery he was showing.  Let’s just say, definitely not a PETA activist's favorite.

Coming under the spotlight after the impressive first show could have been daunting, but all of the designers in the second show were just as memorable --if not more so. Baruni, Rebeca Tiago, Antonia, Riza Manalo, and Castro-Rojas showed designs. And while the beginning of the day started us out with more of an abstract tone, this show was a classic-modern combo. Antonia started with some great color blocking two-piece suits, with stand collars and waist ties. She mixed bright pink, orange, and black. Castro-Rojas was a perfect second act as their designs were the exact opposite. Instead of using the stiff structure Antonia had used, their line was laidback with silk harem pants, and lots of plaid button downs and capes. Rebecca Tiago’s pieces were definitely the favorite of the crowd. They were modern, very feminine with a great use of color. She started out romantically with lace and silk gowns, and plunging necklines, and ended with the cutesy polka dot, red/white/blue, fitted tops and full-bodied skirts. Baruni’s pieces on the other hand, were simplistic with a little bit of an ethnic-modern flare by using turbans and headpieces to go along with her pencil skirts and blousy tops. Red was definitely the perfect punch of color needed in the neutral blacks, whites, and silvers that she used.


All in all, NOLCHA put on a great show. We can't wait to see what these bright, young, emerging designers do in the future!