Seckin Ilker's Fashion Week Debut
The Turkish designer debuts her evening and bridal collection at Nolcha Fashion Week

 From color to cut, the gowns of Turkish designer, Seckin Ilker, graced the audience with a lavish feminine charm that brought new life to the runway.  Her evening wear housed stunning pieces like a silk chartreuse gown with a gold lace short sleeve wrap, cinched at the waist with a green ribbon, a teal gown with ruffles fanning at the bust, clean dark blue lines to balance the cascading ruffles; and a classic black and white lace (Moulin Rouge chic) mermaid gown with black and white ruffles.  


Each girl dreams of the day they find their wedding dress, and Seckin Ilker’s collection captures everything we love: silk, taffeta, and crystal detail. Ilker’s whimsical eye gives life to those unrealized dreams. The end result is an original, yet classic look.

What we love most though is that each dress is different from the next. Imagine a sweetheart sequined bust followed by teardrop crystals, a touch of silk at the hip, then falls into sequin-roped silk pleats and simple silk. Imagine a silk gown of vertical and horizontal ruffles with sweet lines of French lace following the silhouette of the model, and close into a heart at the bust. Her modern looks included a gown with ballroom bustles in the back and simple silk with crystals in the front, and a half-mini bridal gown. 

  Each model was adorned in a tiara or veil, ranging from full length to just over the face. Our favorite was the veil with taffeta roses playfully scalloping the hem. Whether the cut is a-line, sweetheart, or simply following the figure, Seckin Ilker has found a way to make each look above and beyond with her placement of sparkle and texture. Ilker, herself, wanted the collection to represent “innocence,” and “purity.”

Well if innocence and purity means our wedding gown dreams have come true, we think she nailed it. Her stores open in New York, Paris, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Jakarata, in 2012/2013.