Marc Jacobs' Fantastical Fall '12 Collection
The Marc Jacobs Fall '12 collection was a fanciful add to fashion week with an amplified theme in the clothing and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas kind of setting.


















Marc Jacobs always creates an amazing translation between street style and chic style and his fall ’12 collection appeared to be no different. The only change from this season to last, is the amount of detail put into the entire show, with his good friend and well-known artist Rachel Feinstein their to construct the scene he envisioned his pieces walking through or as Feinstein explains, “Marie Antoinette’s version of ruins."

He over-emphasized everything from the vibrant color mixtures in the clothing to the paisley and floral prints to the mad hatter headwear collection constructed of fur and velvet. Layers upon layers were shown with wool stoles over wool capes over wool coats and dresses over pants.

The combination of themes was almost a mixture of Candy Land and Alice in Wonderland meets Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger (two people we all know are no rookies to unconventional style, and two of his inspirations for this collection). Each piece showed passion and power in his thought-process behind this collection and a fantastic drive for something fresh and thought provoking.