Alexander Wang's Modern Minimalism
Alexander Wang's Fall 2012 collection was simple, sharp and modern, adding red to his usual black and white scheme.

Alexander Wang has always been consistent in the haute couture that he creates. His fall ’12 collection preserved the classy minimalist look he is famous for, with a little added edge and modern twist.

The collection, as explained by Wang, was a continuation of his pre-fall “trompe l’oeil” line. (A French translation for “to deceive the eye.") A shrink-wrap affect was displayed with his fabric manipulation and glossy garments. Wang has said that the idea behind his line is to make it look “laminated, covering up, lacquering," and it literally did. These models were covered up to their eyes with fishnet turtlenecks pulled over their mouths and coats buttoned up to their chins creating a high-fashion version of the mouth covering worn by notorious cannibal, Hannibal Lecter. (Though the real inspiration behind it was the look of metal crates.)

The polished effect looked fantastic against the ruby red coats with their exposed gold zippers and buttons. Wang made the perfect move by adding fur into the fabric combos to balance the harsh angles and straight silhouettes with a sort of softness. The knee-high boots and Pelican bags in vachetta leather were a perfect and simplistic addition to the looks. The Alexander Wang trademark of middle-parted straight hair prevailed, tucked behind the ears, reminiscent of all of his successful collections of years past.