The Blonds Close Fashion Week with a Bang
We can't decide which were crazier, the models' clothing, or the audiences'!














The Blonds had their Fall '12 finale to fashion week last night at Milk Studios, and with the show came high energy, a lively audience and a few celebs weaved in here and there. 

The audience was just as much apart of the show as the collection. We saw people dressed in drag, a woman in pasties, a man with his hair styled in sky-high spikes, and many dominatrix styles. Think, Lady GaGa’s stylist on steroids and you could begin to envision the eccentrics of it all. Celebrities ranged from the notorious Lil’ Kim, to the America’s Next Top Model trio, J. Alexander, Nigel Barker, and Jay Manuel, to Adam Lambert and his beau, Sauli Koskinen. Infamous reporter Michael Musto was even there to report live on the show. 

Having not been to The Blonds shows prior to this, everything was a little confusing and unexpected until the models started to walk out on the runway- “Ooookay, we get it now.” The motorcycle theme was perfect for the looks the models were donning. The women wore tight corsets with spikes coming out of them in all different shades of bright red, blue, purple, and even in gold and silver metals.

The stiffness to the garments and the blond ponytails right at the top of their head almost made them look like villainous characters (with dark cat eye makeup) from The Jetsons. The men wore tight pants, open coats with popped collars, and chains and mesh splashed all over them. Anything and everything was bedazzled, from the helmets, to the coats and vests, to the shoes, all of which made the strongest statement.

Fashion week is closing on a particularly high note after seeing the Blonds. It was a perfect way to end the week with a red-hot fiery bang!