The Magicians of Fashion: Our 5 Fave Stylists
Renowned stylists who have made an impact on our wonderful world of fashion!

After a full-fledged week of fashion, we were inspired to recognize those who put it all together. What we like to call "The Magicians of Fashion." It sounds fun, but styling is no easy task. In fact, it's an art form.  Some can style themselves at the snap of a finger, and others require a little help. Consider this a shout out to all of those stylists who have put together memorable looks, grew from nothing to some of the best in the biz, and even had an influence on trends heard around the world.

The first is Rachel Zoe. We know, no-brainer, right? This fashionista is most well-known for her celeb clientele and her passion for costume jewelry, boho-chic style, and large and in charge dark shades. She has become an inspiration to many where her background lies in New Jersey and her success in the limelight of L.A. With no formal training in styling, she has shown us that anything is possible when you have the drive and hard work in your grasp!





The renowned Patricia Field is next on our list. For those of you who don’t recollect this style-master-genius, think back to the late Carrie Bradshaw, and we guarantee you will remember an outfit or two from Sex and the City’s most fashionable character. Field’s most well-known work is on the set of Sex and the City, however, she has lent her hand in multiple others like Ugly Betty, and yes, the feature film that says it all: The Devil Wears Prada. With high demand coming anywhere from the U.S. to Asia, we have absolutely nothing bad to say about this fiery redhead.


The Columbian fashion journalist/critic, and the guru with answers to all fashion faux pas: Nina Garcia has made the list to our top 5 fav stylists. She is currently best known for her role as a judge on Project Runway and has held the fort down as Fashion Director at Elle and now Marie Claire. Garcia is best known for the less-is-more approach to fashion and her classic high neckline, slim fit dresses. She definitely has the word to trust and if you haven’t yet, we highly recommend reading her NYTimes best seller, The Little Black Book of Style.





Carine Roitfeld has the dress and success to make our top 5 list. The former model and writer has recently resigned from Vogue France’s editor-in-chief position, however, her imprint remains on the style scene. She began styling in the '90s for French Elle, and made a name for herself at both American and French Vogue. She now does freelance styling for Chanel.





Our last, but certainly not least, is the graceful Grace Coddington. Former model is most well known for her co-pilot position (or everlasting competitor) to Anna Wintour as the Creative Director of American Vogue. Coddington has made her name through the stories she creates in photo shoots; imagination for days, a whimsical ambiance, and fashion-forward thinking has put this alabaster-skinned redhead on the map!