Sustainable Style: Interview with Green House of Fashion
We chat with the eco-fashion blog about sustainable style, their favorite designers, and why you should go green!

It has been ingrained in our minds for years that recycling is better for the earth. Emphasis on organic foods and biodegradable products is publicized everywhere showing how to live healthy. Both of these are significant influences on our everyday lives, but if you think about it, so is fashion! For most of us fashionistas, what we will wear for the day is calculated down to the last accessory. So why aren’t we taking time to learn about the things that consume a large part of our thoughts during the day? Suzanna, co-founder of the blog Green House of Fashion, was lovely enough to meet with us for an interview to tell us about her eco-fashion blog, and give us a little insight as to what goes into being eco-friendly in your wardrobe and how to be fashionable while still being sustainable. 

 Leigh: Tell us about your history of blogging and what you love most about it?

Suzanna: It started because I was working in finance at the time, and saw blogging as my creative outlet. I got really into it, began reading a lot of fashion blogs, and created 3 different blogs over the course of a year because I couldn’t quite find what it was about fashion that I loved writing about. You could say I started doing it professionally when I became a managing editor at a big fashion blog, and also wrote for Tyra Bank’s blog, TypeF. Now, I love it because it’s a way to create awareness about the things that I’m most passionate about: fashion and sustainable living. I am also a board member of the Nolcha Fashion Week, which is another way I like promoting ethical designers.

Leigh: Tell us about what brought you and your co-founder, Briana, to start your blog, GHoFashion, and what it entails.

Suzanna: Bree has always been into corporate social responsibility. She works at a branding firm that focuses on clients that are eco-friendly so that has always been something of interest to her. We both wanted to create something original and because of our backgrounds, we came up with GHoFashion and it’s been up and running for a little over a year now. Our goal from the beginning has been to make it a place for normal girls like us to learn ways to be eco-friendly in their everyday lives as well as learn how to apply sustainable living into their wardrobe. We like showing our styles and where we get our clothes from, as well as fun eco-fashion trends, news, and designers. We want it to be a great resource for normal fashionistas who want to go green!

Leigh: While, other kinds of eco-friendly products are becoming more widespread, and “going green” has made a huge impact, why do you think eco-fashion hasn’t hit its big boom yet?

Suzanna: Fashion is everywhere; mass produced products are everywhere and easier to get your hands on. It’s easy to go into a big store with affordable products and buy a bunch of clothing without thinking for a second where they were made, who made them and the detrimental affects producing one garment can have. It’s harder to care if you aren’t doing the research yourself. There are also the things to consider like fur and leather, which are huge trends, and most eco-friendly designers are cruelty free so that plays a huge part. Convenience makes fashion something consumers don’t realize they need to learn about.

Leigh: Who are your favorite Eco-Friendly designers? Do you have any favorite sustainable fashion websites you’d recommend?

Suzanna: There are so many but if I had to narrow it down, probably: Carrie Parry, Alfia, Study by Tara St. James, United bamboo, and Feral Childe. The sites I love are junoandjove.com, fashioningchange.com, and I am Etsy obsessed. Vintage findings are my favorite form of eco-fashion and Etsy has the best stuff!

Leigh: The whole “going green” movement can get pricey, what would be the most cost efficient way to bring sustainability into your wardrobe?

Suzanna: It’s the easiest way and it’s my favorite way: thrifting! By going vintage shopping, you can save a lot of money, and, you are buying products that don’t waste any more energy to create. There is no manual labor being used, and if they are local stores, there is no energy being used for product travel. It’s these little things you can do, that you wouldn’t realize actually do help more than you’d think! 

Leigh: What is the most gratifying part about sustainable fashion to you?

Suzanna: Knowing that my money is going towards a charity or funding the lives of artisan women. Yeah, It is still consuming, but not blindly consuming. I know that what I’m doing is something that benefits someone else or something else too. Knowing that what I buy is actually helping to create a healthier environment is a good feeling!