Spa Spotlight: Advanced Skin Care Day Spa
The owners give us the lowdown on their services + 5 essential beauty tips every woman should heed!

The beauty market is saturated with an array of quick fixes, wrinkle busters, creams, and serums. All of which sometimes leave us with more questions about what will really work rather than solutions.

For those of you looking for more results than mere relaxation, look no farther! Advanced Skin Care Day Spa, located on 140 W. 57th St, has cutting edge treatments and owners with bonafide expertise. Although this small, chic spa only features three treatment rooms, it prides itself on the individual attention and expert care by its founders and owners, Anna Antal and Isabel Anton.

Both owners have been involved in the beauty biz long before medical spas were a Manhattan essential. They brought their vast knowledge of skin and beauty from Europe to New York in 1994 where Advanced Skin Care Day Spa was born. Since then, thousands of lucky clients have been the recipients of their amazing services and treatments.

One very effective treatment offered is the “Dermacycling” facials. This uses Micro current/LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights combined together with an electrical current. The machine consists of 7 different color lights with two probes, for a 15-minute duration for each pain free treatment. The amount of treatments needed is determined by each individual client’s concerns but the average amount is 6 treatments, once a week, and then once a month for maintenance. “It’s a new approach to skin care, and excellent for wound healing and anti-aging benefits” Anna told us, “Aging skin is due to inflammation.”

Maybe you aren’t worried about lines and wrinkles yet, but you do suffer from acne, scars, or skin discolorations, this treatment still applies to your needs, as it is a cure for a variety of skin conditions. But the real factor to take into consideration is that each client has individual needs- “We personalize according to each individual that walks through the door” explained Isabel. Talk about top quality service!

These ladies are knowledgeable and consult on the most efficient products on the market, customization, and results on a daily basis. The Epicurean skin care line was brought to America and first sold in 1992 at Advanced Skin Care, which caught the attention of super model Karolina Kurkova (who, may we add, relies on Anna and Isabel to maintain her flawless skin). 

The girls work with a range of clients as well so don’t hesitate if you are running a tighter budget! “We have a large range of clients,” explained Anna, “We can work within each individual budget.”

Yes, some of these expert treatments may be considered a splurge to your ordinary beauty regime, but as Anna says, “Good skin is the best treasure for a woman!”

With all of that said, the ladies were nice enough to give us their top 5 beauty tips for all of you to keep in mind!

1) Wear sunscreen: It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy; we’re still exposed to harmful UV rays. A minimum of 15 SPF should be used every day, and make sure to amp it up during the summer months!

2) No make up to bed: Nighttime is when the skin rejuvenates itself.  Make up will stifle this process, clog pores, and doesn’t allow our skin to breath. Try using a damp tissue or oil-free make up removers if you can’t be bothered with a complete facial rinse. 

3) Exfoliate: Make sure to use some sort of exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin at least 3 times a week. 

4) Try a mask: Apply a mask that is suitable for your skin type at least once a week. They are especially great during the summer, when pores are getting larger and tend to dry out the skin’s surface.

5) Don’t forget the neck and eyes!  The texture of the skin on the neck and the eyes are much thinner and are the most neglected areas.

And the best beauty tip to keep in mind is prevention! Start early and you won’t regret it later.

They also carry numerous professional skin care lines like Luzern, Epicuren, and Cosmedix. Check out  http://www.advancedspa.com for more info!