Designer Inspired DIY for Spring
Love the look but not the price? These DIY projects spruce up your spring wardrobe--designer style!

It’s that time of year again! Spring has sprung and we are more than ready to revamp our wardrobes with the inspiring Spring 2012 fashion we saw on the runway last September. Fashion bloggers made it easy, Pinterest has made it impossible...not to get crafty with DIY updates to your spring looks. Inspired by our favorite designers, here are some recipes for getting irresistible style for less this season. These little projects also come with the added bonus of beaming pride every time you get a compliment on something you made yourself. 











Prada Spring 2012 had us revving our engines. The accessories, especially the Crystal Earrings ($540), were the perfect girly addition to the masculine hot-rods and flames that we fell head over heels for. Ladylike dangling crystals were topped with resin roses with the same kitschy characteristics as the collection’s appliquéd clutches and saturated pastel hues. Now, take a closer look. Resin rosettes, crystal chandeliers—you probably have variations of both in your jewelry box already. Now all you need are your dainty pliers and Prada-inspired accessories will be yours! First, separate the chandelier earring from its earring hook or closure. Next, either hot glue the crystal chandelier to the back of the rosette or slide the chandelier on the rosette earring post, reserving the freedom to mix and match as you please. Head on over to Amped + Dangerous for a step-by-step tutorial and supply list and get to crafting!



















This designer DIY is menswear inspired, but what isn’t these days? From 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 came this dip dyed, ombre creation ($225). The gradient color at the collar, fading into the shoulder, gives this classic white button-down a major point of interest. You can update any old collared shirt in your collection; all it takes are a few cheap and easy to find materials. Make sure your shirt is freshly laundered so the dye will absorb and hold best. Flip the collar up and hang the shirt on a clip hanger from the bottom hem. Using Rit dye, in the color of choice, follow the directions to prepare and dye your garment. Make a note to use a bit less water in the dye mix if you want the color to come out deep and concentrated. Now, holding the shirt by the hanger, dip the collar into the dye, submerging evenly as far as you want to the color to appear. You’ll need to leave the shirt to soak in the dye for a couple of hours so make sure you have a place to hang it up where it won’t be disturbed. After two to three hours, you can remove the shirt—wear gloves—and rinse, carefully making sure not to touch the shirt above the dyed area. Allow the shirt to dry overnight, and voila, you’ve got yourself a spring worthy, designer look for less! Refinery29 has all the deets for a successful DIY dip-dyed adventure!

















We can always count on Missoni for color, pattern, and a general air of carefree femininity. The Spring 2012 collection was inspired by dancing away moonlit evenings; and what better to set a look in motion than fringe-lined hems? The free-flowing detail was found in various forms throughout the collection including the Gold-tone Chain & Fringe Necklace ($420). Simple enough for even the most inexperienced DIY-er; this bold, bohemian beauty will liven up your spring wardrobe in pinch whether it be the focus of a simple style or complementing bright patterns in signature Missoni fashion. You’ll need a large link necklace chain, fringe trim, a needle, and matching thread. The best part about this piece is that it’s totally customizable: gold or silver, pink or purple, the choices are all yours. If you need to cut your trim to the desired length, singe the edges with flame to keep it from unraveling. Measure the center of your chain and fringe and align them accordingly. Thread the needle and sew along the edge of fringe to the bottom of the links along the chain. Sew from end to end until it’s completely secure, then tie off the thread. See? We told you that was way too easy! Thanks to Transient Expression where you can check out the idea and pictorial for your fringe creation.