Celebs Decorated in Disaster: 8 Recent Fashion Fails
Machine guns, Death Stars, and commando-inducing dresses make up some of the worst fashion we've seen so far in 2012!

The wounds are still fresh from these recent celeb wardrobe disasters. So far 2012, sadly, has not disappointed in the "fashion faux-pas" department. From over-the-top costumes, to dress malfunctions and hideous accessories, brace yourselves for fashion fails we'd all like to forget about.


With this look, it's no wonder Sasha Gradiva came armed for the 2012 Grammy Awards! The dress was beautiful and elegant on this singer/song-writer/actress, however, it was the terminator arm that got in the way of what could have been a Marilyn Monroe moment. Maybe next time accessorize with something a little less bulky?














Nicki Minaj always seems to push the envelope with her wardrobe choices, leaving the public pondering whether she has made a bold fashion-forward statement, or a complete fashion faux-pas mistake. Her craving for attention has left us with a bad taste in our mouths. Nice publicity stunt, bad fashion stunt. This high-end version of little red riding hood, designed by Versace, was definitely a Grammy’s no-no in our book. 












Christina Aguilera sported this plastic-looking hat while judging on her latest show, The Voice. Ever since seeing the episode, we haven’t been able to get this death star out of our minds. The idea of avant-garde millinery was taken horrendously in the wrong direction. There is never a need to wear what looks like a bedazzled a piece of plastic on your head.






Again with the hats! This pretzel-looking decoration worn by Princess Beatrice couldn’t have been accompanied by anything worse than her sister’s emu atop her head. We can’t seem to decide which of these designs is more awful!  Philip Treacy’s millinery designs are usually fabulous British classics; we aren’t quite sure where he went wrong with these two!  











New York Fashion Week is one event that brings together all ends of the style spectrum: the beautiful, the bad, and the brutally ugly. This ensemble worn by Ashanti is an unfortunate fashion disaster with too much skin showing and too many themes. Is this dress Egyptian or Native American? With mesh, metal, and abstract cuts and patterns, the beautiful Ashanti has sadly made an unmistakably ugly style choice.













This dress was a disaster waiting to happen. Adrienne Bailon made a big mistake by going commando in a transparent dress at the Escape to Total Rewards Concert, but the even bigger mistake was actually wearing this look in the first place! The tissue-esque piece that should have covered the front of her body definitely didn’t do the job. Next time Adrienne, wear something a little more heavy duty on bottom.













Gwen Stefani can usually pull off something a little more abstract and "out there" than most. However, the dress she wore to the Oscars this year wasn’t making her usual bold and beautiful statement. The piece, made to look like vines with flowers blooming, looked nothing short of cheap and strange. On a positive note, the singer/designer still rocked her red-lip look with her platinum blond pompadour and some great classic black pumps. 














We understand that Nickelodeon’s slime is usually a big theme at the Kids Choice Awards, what we can’t understand is why Katy Perry would want to wear an entire ensemble resembling it. The candy-cutesy look she usually goes for cannot be deemed in this ensemble with lime green pumps, a lime green crop top, and purple hair. Need we say more?