Made in the Shade: Summer Hats You'll Love
Our favorite hats for the season!

Now that spring has officially sprung, we’ve turned our attention towards re-vamping our wardrobes for the warmer months.  Along with pastel accessories, neon jeans, and peplum-adorned tops, one of the top items on our “Must Have List” this spring is a fabulous hat with a brim wide enough to shade our faces from the sure-to-happen blistering heat.   

This straw fedora holds its shape wonderfully and has a wider brim than a standard-issue fedora.  The red grosgrain ribbon is also a great, classic embellishment.












This wide-brimmed sunhat made the cut for it’s playful color and patterns.  This style of topper is perfect for daring fashionistas looking for the good kind of shade. 












One of our favorite trends from last year, the straw boater hat, has thankfully reappeared.  Originally worn by gondoliers, this look is wonderful for those with a vintage-leaning personal style and attendees of the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Party.









A panama hat is one of the most versatile styles.  It works for an everyday choice or tossed on for the beach equally as well.  Our J.Crew version has held up for several years and always finds its way into our suitcase for a weekend away. 



A classic choice for the beach, wide-brimmed floppy hats often lack in quality.  We love buying these hats cheap and replacing them often, to match our ensembles or swimsuits.  This version comes in a variety of bright colors. 

One of the number one causes of wrinkles is overexposure to the sun.  The skin on our faces is among the most delicate on our bodies – along with one of the most overlooked.  While we can’t always remember to slather on sunblock before heading out the door, it’s easy to prevent premature aging with the simple addition of a hat.  All of these styles of hats are available at a variety of price points – you don’t have to break the bank to protect your face and look great this spring and summer.