BB Creams: The Secret to Flawless Skin
Radiant smooth skin in one step!

Ever wish your routine make up application was a bit simpler, less time consuming, or actually benefited your skin? Your wish is our command. Like a genie in a bottle, BB Creams are the solution to any, and quite possibly all, the above beautification woes. Popping up at cosmetic counters and drugstore shelves alike, you may have already noticed these additions to your favorite brands’ product lines. From Smashbox to Garnier, it seems everyone’s getting on board to offer this one-step wonder to their loyal, beauty obsessed clientele. Now, if we only knew what they were exactly... 

B·B·Cream1 [bee-bee-kreem]


1. A soft solid or thick liquid combining skin remedying ingredients with moisturizer, primer, foundation, and SPF.

2. A glorified tinted moisturizer.

3. Also know as beauty balms, blemish balms, or similar alliterations; an all-in-one product soon to be a staple in your daily beauty regimen!


Chances are you are no novice to an effective daily beauty routine. (Even if you are, read on—these goods can benefit everyone!) We moisturize, we prime, we apply foundation; now with new beauty balms, we can ditch the step-by-step for a product that is all rolled into one. The BB Cream claim to fame originated in Korea with—gasp—a celebrity endorsement by an actress who credited the stuff for her camera-ready complexion. If we found out how our skin could look like Nicole Kidman’s, we’d try it too!

Comparable to tinted moisturizers but packing way more punch, BB Creams are made to achieve that desirable healthy glow while simultaneously improving the condition of our skin. The coverage is sheer, offering an option that falls between the aforementioned tints and a medium-coverage foundation. Plus, most products are complete with skin saving extras like hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening Vitamin C, anti-acne medication, or all-powerful antioxidants. Most formulas also include a protective SPF—a must for sunny summer days ahead. Like similar products, most BB Creams come in a line of two or more shades compatible with a variety of skin tones. Although beauty balms are designed to be super convenient, they’re also easily customized. If your skin is extra dry, feel free to apply moisturizer first. If you prefer a bit more coverage, finish with a dusting of powder foundation. Most brands are priced around $35 to $50, not bad for a quality, daily use product. If you need more convincing, try out any of our top picks below.


Dr. Jart+ Silver Label Rejuvenation BB Cream $42

The Korean based brand boasts the “World’s Best Selling” BB Creams, manufacturing a line of four different formulas (from Detox Healing to Ultra Hydrating) specific for various skincare needs. The top seller is the Silver Label Rejuvenation. Applied over or under base makeup, the blemish concealing, skin evening cream produces a flawless matte finish. It combats irritated skin with calming and moisturizing ingredients while brightening complexion and keeping excess oil at bay. Plus, it’s equipped with SPF 35. The Silver Label comes in one shade, compatible with fair to medium skin tones, but other formulas offer additional color options. You can even get the man in your life involved in the BB trend with the Triple Synergy BB Moisturizer for men. You’ll both have ‘perfect couple’ radiant faces in no time.

Available at drjartstore.com.


Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm $32

This multi-benefit skin care makeup by professionally favored brand Too Faced gives all day coverage while working to improve skin’s appearance. The formula includes tons of great ingredients like anti-aging minerals, oil-free moisturizer, and chemical-free, broad spectrum SPF 20. It’s hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and Vitamins A and E, plus chamomile soothe and nourish for a radiant complexion. The Tinted Beauty Balm comes in four shades from light to deep tones and can be used as a primer for an evenly blended base under foundation or powder. Top it off with a dash of bronzer to achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow. A little bit goes a long way with these products so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Available at toofaced.com.


Dr. Brant Flexitone BB Cream $39

The genius behind this newly debuted beauty balm is the signature Dr. Brant’s flexitone technology. No tedious shade matching necessary here. The cream has color blending technology that blends to your personal skin tone, creating flawless coverage and taking the guesswork out of shopping for the perfect foundation. Ideal for the chemical-conscious consumer, it is free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic ingredients. Flexitone hydrates skin while infusing brightening pearl powder, anti-aging oils, and protective SPF 30. Rave reviews for the product boast it’s lightweight, natural finish, making it perfect for sticky summer weather. (No one likes sweating through layers of caked on foundation.) Wear it alone for a fresh face and confidence in your glowing complexion without the fuss.

Available at sephora.com.