SoulCycle: New York Pedal Study has Opened Shop in West Hollywood
From Coast to Coast Ride Your Body into the Summer

Spinning is a workout classic, but lets face it, it's tough to get into the "virtual" hills. And as much fun as it is to have some middle aged dude with a braid (this has been my experience), yelling at you to spin faster, sometimes you need a little pizzaz in your workout routine. SoulCycle is revolutionizing the game, by turning cycling into a full body workout. Through the use of their patented made-to-work routine SoulCyclers get to experience a core workout as well as an upper body one through the use of hand weights. During each session the best of the best staff instructs on how to safely tone your upper body while maintaining the perfect pedal stride. In some studios, customers are lucky enough to take SoulBand, a class using resistance bands that hang above the stationary bikes. I know this sounds like a scene out of a torture film, but trust us the only thing that is getting slashed are your love handles. The studios are a promising sanctuary of change, with inspiring instructors and candle lit Bike Rides, SoulCycle is also a mental refresher. 


You may ask why all the zen business, I'm not trying to go to yoga. The Studios founders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler both place an emphasis on mental and physical health and they have stories to back it. Julie Rice was a talent manager in Los Angeles, rarely had time to think let alone workout. Rice loved to cycle but she knew there had to be a greener pasture for cycle enthusiasts. Similarly co-founder Cutler traveled to India and Japan looking for her "soul," now that's a determined woman! The two moved to New York City, in search of that perfect workout routine, and just couldn't find it. Frustrated with their limited options the women met up for lunch and the rest is SoulHistory!

Even before opening up shop in West Hollywood, the cycling studio has always been a place of the stars. Rumor has it Alec Baldwin is a huge fan of the East Hampton studio. So what are you waiting for L.A? Whip your mind and body into shape.