5 Fashion Savvy DJs We Love
Music isn't the only art these DJs show expertise in!

As successful DJ's, these men and women really know how to portray their unique sense of style to the public and have created a distinctive image for themselves. A lot of these DJs agree that especially with the competitive nature of the field today, a one-of-a-kind style is everything and making sure you stand out from the crowd is key. Take a look at these popular Dj's that are making a statement with their fashion. 










Steve Aoki

A producer, entrepreneur and designer, this American DJ does it all. Needless to say, fashion comes second nature to him with his two fashion lines. When asked where he draws his inspiration from, he says anything from furniture to a t-shirt to a simple shape. He then takes a picture of it and with the help of his team, creates ideas. His unruly long hair and beard attribute to his free-flowing style and attitude.

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DJ Chesca

This UK based stylish DJ is serious about her fashion when she's in front of the crowd. For inspiration, she looks at album covers and Vanity 6. Her go-to-look is usually a one-piece leotard because it creates a visual impact and makes her feel powerful. She loves orthodox Jewish hats and claims most of her duds to be vintage, which perfectly accents the early '80s and disco music she plays. She is also always changing her hairstyle to keep up with her fresh look. We love the look of this red from head-to-toe ensemble and her brilliant use of big accessories!










Talk about making a statement! Deadmau5 really knows how to stand out from the crowd with his trademark enormous mouse helmet. Joel Thomas Zimmerman, (the man behind the mask) changes his helmet frequently with different colors and crazy designs. This helmet has become recognizable everywhere and a staple of Zimmerman's style. We love his incorporation of the bright, bold, colors into his look and let’s face, it he has brilliantly branded himself!





Calvin Harris

This British singer, producer and songwriter is known for remixing songs of mega stars such as Rihanna. His very edgy style and signature oversized glasses covered in diamonds are his go-to look. Though they may not be the most realistic accessory, fashion doesn’t always make sense and in order to stand out, you need to make a bold move we love the style!





These two Australian sisters are taking on the electro music industry together with their very rebellious fashion style. They have collaborated with stars like Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson and Afrojack to name a few. Don't let the innocent blonde hair and piercing blue eyes fool you though, they know how to dress the part with their fierce style, wearing boots, men’s jackets, studs galore and plenty of leather. We love the 80’s grunge they’ve incorporated and they’ve got the look down pat!

So, who's on your fashion DJ list?