Just Bitten: 5 Lip Stains You'll Love
Get kissable, rosy lips this summer with one of these long-lasting lipstains!

Colorful lips are a huge trend right now. Whether it’s the bright red-lipped look, or the trendier orange and nude colors, bringing out a colorful smile is all the rage. However, sometimes lipsticks and glosses can be a pain through multiple applications, or worse, rubbing off on your clothes or your man’s cheeks. This is why the gods of cosmetics so brilliantly invented the lip stain! Similar to gloss or lipstick, but also different through its ability to last through whatever the day brings --without the mess! There are several to accommodate any budget and the color options are endless. Check out our list of the best lip stains on the market right now and choose your favorite!


Benefit Benetint, $29

The sheer tint to Benetint is what has people loving it so much. This fantastic lip stain and cheek stain is perfect for those who don’t need the bright and bold color, but still want a little something to liven up their look. Choose between rose, or poppy pink to get a rosy glow effortlessly

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Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain, $24

Instead of a glossy look, try out a matte lip color this season like Tarte’s Natural Matte Lip Stain. Though it comes out matte, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some bold color! All 6 shades feature the high-pigment concentration that matte lipsticks usually have which is great for those of you wanting your lips to stand out. Unlike many other lip stains, the Natural Matte Lip Stain is not only long lasting but it actually moisturizes your lips instead of drying them out! No need for extra Vaseline or lip balm, this product does it all on its own!

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Vincent Longo Lip & Cheek Gel Stain, $22.50

This is not only a best selling product by Vincent Longo, but it’s great reviews are definitely warranted! This lip and cheek stain is waterproof, kiss proof and perfect for those with an active lifestyle. A tip for getting a successfully sultry look with this stain is to make sure your lips are moisturized before application. Choose one of 6 colors: Angels Touch, Baby Boo, Cupid’s Breath, Liquid Kiss, My Sunshine, and Neo Aura.

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Urban Decay Lip Envy Lip Stain,

The name suits this product perfectly as the rich colors of this lip stain product are worth lusting after. This water-based stain provides long-lasting wear with a semi-matte finish. Apply less coats for a lighter and subtler look or as many as necessary to get that perfect bold pout. Not only does this lip stain look positively kissable, it’s also enriched with antioxidants such as Vitamine E, Green Tea and Chamomile. A tip to wearing this lip stain is finishing it off with a shiny gloss to get that real lacquered up effect.

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Mark Kissink Lip Tintmarkers, $6 

Though this product has a marker-like tip that may make you feel as though you’re coloring your lips with a magic marker, it makes for a more precise application! This water-based formula goes on light, won't dry your lips out, and lasts all day long. A tip before using this product: exfoliate, and then moisturize your lips before the application to see the best results. Choose from the two bold colors, Berry Bitten and Red Siren.

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