Just in Time for Summer: Tips for Toned & Sexy Arms
3 tips for getting those envious, svelte arms!

Well, folks, summer is here and there's nothin' you can do to stop it! Even though we're super excited for warmer weather, sundresses and weekends spent sunnin' our buns at the beach, we'll admit that we're not quite beach body ready yet.

If we're not ready, we figured some of our readers might be a little behind the ball, too. Which is why we hunted down three tips that will give us toned, sexy and sculpted arms all summer long! 

Read on!

Use a stability ball: If you've never used a stability ball, we suggest crawling out from under the rock you've been under! Stability balls are pretty much a staple for any workout, and they're super helpful for building arms that look and feel great. Lifting weights while on the ball will help with build stability in your shoulder joint (plus, it doesn't hurt that you're working your core!). Aim for workouts that have you balance on the ball (seated) or workouts that ask you to center your back and shoulders on the ball, leaving your hips elevated. These kids of workouts optimize the time it takes for you to tone!

Get on the monkey bars: We know, you read that and you're thinking 'Huh? The monkey bars?' but really, really pause and think about it. What better way to work your arms than to use them? When you're swingin' from those bars, you're working every inch of your arms in the best way possible. Two reps (two times back and forth) is a great way to build muscles for beginners. Now you know why kids always have the most fit little figures! But if you want to skip the monkey bars for something more age-appropriate, try push-ups or using the pull-up bar at the gym. Hanging from the bar for 30 seconds is also a power-packed workout.

Take a dip in the pool: It's noooo secret that swimmers have some of the sleekiest arms around. With the Olympics just around the corner, we're willing to bet they're in the pool every chance they get. We should be, too. If it's not warm enough in your area, try your local gym. Lots of gym locations offer pool use to members and it's a great way to get your workout in and cool off. Freestyle and butterfly strokes are the best for toning arms but if you prefer to be above water, aim for water displacement motions. After a couple of minutes splashing around, you'll feel the burn!

No matter what fitness regime you subscribe to, make sure it's one that you can follow! Working out even once a week is still better than working out at all! This summer, say bye to the double wave and helloooo to a sexiest, toned and fit you!