3 Easy, Breezy Summer Hairstyles
Ditch the fuss with these carefree, easy, and fashionable looks!

We're looking for easy, on-the-go tips for styling our hair in the summer. That's why when the warmer weather rolls around, our blowdryers, curling irons and straight irons all take a backseat. No time for extra sweating when we should be sucking down cool drinks at the bar with friends!

One summer hairstyle we can't live without? Twists! They're super easy, stylish and take no more than 5 minutes to put together (once you've perfected how you like them done). You can wear them with your hair up or down. We love them because they keep bangs or shorter angles out of our face, so they're great for days at the beach or nights on the town. Wear them with loose curls (like Jennifer Garner does here) or do them quickly as you hop out of the shower and tie your hair back for a perfectly sexy and simple sophisticated look!











Braids might still be in style be we love something with a little bit more sass. Diane Kruger dressed up this braid by adding a two smaller braids and then braiding them into each other. We love it! But if you're in a rush and have no time to fuss with braids, a side braid works just fine! It's fun and simple and as the night goes on, you can let your tresses loose for a look that's inspired by beachy waves. High pony tails that are braided are also a huge fashion staple this summer, Blake Lively has been rocking them all over red carpets and so have dozens of other stars. The look is simple, fun and flirty, perfect for dressing up or dressing down!





All hail the top knot! We are so excited this look is making its way into the fashion scene in a big way because there's nothing more refreshing than putting your hair up as high as it can go on your hair. No longer is that look lazy -- it's fashionable! Yes! Stars everywhere have been taking full advantage of this easy style (doesn't it look perfect on Whitney Port?). This look is perfect from day to night and can be done post-shower or after a long day at the beach - just put the knot as high on your head as you can. We recommend using some hairspray just to keep the fly-aways contained. Add some spunk with a headband or keep the look looking simple.