Say Sayonara to These Trends Come Fall
We say goodbye 6 trends that are predicted to be at the end of their run in the style sector.

Trends come and go…and come again, and then go again. Some stay for a long period of time, while others have their 15 minutes of fame. Regardless, trends in fashion are the most powerful pieces of knowledge one can hone in order to get their cred in the industry, which is why all fashion enthusiasts will agree, it’s crucial to know what will be coming into style next, and what is oh-so-out of season- god forbid we wear a style that has been officially dubbed as out of style by fashion experts and then get caught in the act! That is why we here at Glam Damn It have found a few popular trends that have taken over the style world for one, two, even four seasons, and are predicted to finally retire come fall 2012. Take a peek at these looks and be ‘in the know’ for the seasons to come!

Color Blocking

Alright fashion lovers, this one shouldn’t come as too much of a shocker. Color blocking has been around for quite a few seasons now and it is definitely running on its last leg as it has incorporated every color combination one can take. No hard feelings though! This survivor has made fantastic appearances in the past. However, we are relieved to say that it is finally predicted to head out the door in the following colder seasons.

Instead of color blocking this fall, go for the crayola box monochromatic look. In other words, try out a bold color and wear it from head-to-toe! What is the best part you ask? It’s elongating; that’s right, an all black ensemble isn’t the only approach to creating a lengthier appearance!  








Pleated Maxi Skirts

No matter what theme you’re tapping into at the moment, pleated maxi skirts will be making their way out come fall! The look was fab for a few seasons as seen with lighter, more whimsical fabrics like chiffon or silk, as well as more heavy duty fabrics like leather or tweed. However, pleated maxi skirts will take a seat on the bench in favor of shorter hemlines as well as straight, fitted cuts like peplum and pencil skirts. Looks like maxi pleats have maximized their time in the spotlight. At least for now!


All Things Tribal & Folklore

This may have worked at music festivals for summer with cutoffs and fringe, however come fall, tribal prints and the folkloric theme will be a trend of the past. Don’t get us wrong, they are a perfect look for a summer concert or a day at the beach; however don’t be surprised when this look doesn’t roll over into fall again like it did last year. It had a good solid couple of seasons, but let’s face it, how many times can you actually wear the same tribal pattern and continue to make a statement with it?

Harem Pants

Harem pants have always been a hit or miss piece. They only look good on some frames, and depending on how long the inseam is, they can look like an oversized adult diaper, or can even be hard to walk in. If you’re one of the freaks of nature that can pull off this look well, then take advantage of it this summer as the harem pants are said to set sail this fall.  



Lace Up Jazz Shoes

Lace up jazz shoes have been making their way around the sidewalks for quite a while as they are a comfortable and easy alternative to dress up or down and contain a certain kind of vintage/retro-chic feel to them. However, these flat-footed kicks are said to be on their way out the door. If you’re a fan of this look but don’t want to fall behind on the trend scene, try a pair of lace-less oxford flats or loafters instead; they can be a great alternative to heels and they can transition from season to season!


Neon Head-to-Toe

The neon craze came on strong in the '80s and then made a second loop around the fashion track back in the early 2000’s. Just a few years ago, it started to reappear via accessories and belts, or prints and patterns on T’s and tanks. However, it has slowly, but surely, become a head-to-toe look that snowboarders, surfers, rockers and all color lovers have taken on. Don’t get us wrong, the neon look can be fabulous if paired right with neutral tones, but because this rarely happens, we’re afraid- correction- elated, it’s time to say goodbye. Head-to-toe neon may still be seen at music festivals and concerts, but don’t expect to see much of it on the catwalks or sidewalks this fall.