The Ultimate Oasis in the City: Aire Ancient Baths
The new Tribeca spa is as good as it gets!

Descend into the oasis that is Aire Ancient Baths and there's no way you can be disappointed. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans would invite dinner guests to join them in their thermal baths. The Aire bath experience builds upon this relaxing ritual by providing patrons with multiple baths of varying temperatures. The 90 minute thermal session is carried out in multiple bath chambers:

Tepidarium (warm pool): 97 F

Caldarium (hot pool): 102 F

Frigidarium (cold pool): 50 F and 57 F

Flotarium (salt water pool): 100 F

Lanconicum (steam room): 102 F

Propellor jet bath: 97 F

There is also a relaxation area, for those who need a break from the baths, where patrons can sit on heated stones and drink water, Moroccan mint tea, or order a fresh fruit juice for an additional charge. The tepidarium was a great bath to start in, not too hot, and not too cold; most people could relax in there all day.

The flotarium is especially soothing, enhanced by underwater speakers with relaxing music. The steam room uses aromatherapy that rotates scents daily between eucalyptus, jasmine, and peppermint. During your bathing experience, you can select to have a two or four handed massage, and the masseuse will steal you away for your treatment and return you to your bathing ritual once it is complete. This is a complete retreat from the hubbub of New York City, and truly one of the most relaxing experiences around. Silvia Barnett, the press liason for Aire, spoke with us about what distinguishes Aire from other bath houses, the most sought after bath, and some of their unique treatments.  

What makes Aire different and unique to other bath houses?

AIRE ANCIENT BATHS is an oasis of calm that borrows from ancient history; the history that shows us how ancient civilizations made public baths an art for our senses.  In ancient times, Greeks and Romans gave importance to banquets by inviting their guests to experience their thermal baths. Aire is founded on the legacy of enjoying relaxation through water. The thermal experience includes a circuit through several water pools such as an ice pool (46F), cold pool (61 F), warm pool (97 F), hot pool (102 F), salt pool as well as the Propeller-Jet Bath, the Steam Room, and the relaxation area, a place to rest on hot marble stones. The space also makes it unique.

Our baths are always located in historical buildings. The space synthesizes the intimate relationship between visitors and history. Relaxation is achieved through the usage of water, and simultaneously offers onsite Architectural exploration. All materials and finishes are according to the original building’s design. An accurate demolition process revealed the original materials used at the time the building was first conceived. The building is from 1883 and the Spanish architectural studio Alonso, Balaguer Arquitectos Asociados has been in charge of this complex architectonical project.

Can you explain a bit more in depth about the red wine, champagne, and olive oil rituals?

The rituals are the most holistic experiences at Aire and have a length of 3 and a half hours.  There are several components to the rituals. The first part takes place in a private area in the upper level of the building where a custom-made pool has been built to fit one or two people and where customers can soak in red wine, olive oil or cava (sparkling wine). After this the massage and facials take place in private rooms and from there the experience continues descending to the bath area to experience the thermal circuit.

How does the atmosphere inside influence a person's experience?

We offer an experience of relaxation through water. Our space is candle-lit entirely, we have a silence policy and we offer very limited access. We want clients to walk down into a magical experience. We offer an experience through the 5 senses and we want people to relax and be transported to a space of silence and calm, bringing peace of body and mind. It is a true oasis in the city.

What is the most popular bath?

Clients are loving the salt pool, the flotarium! It has the density of
dead sea salt and you float immediately. We have underground music that you hear while you float.

Why did you decide to open up an Aire in NYC?
We are a Spanish company that currently has Ancient Baths in Spain. We started our first one in a XVI century palace in Sevilla. Aire is currently in Seville, Barcelona and Almeria. We wanted to expand and we decided New York was a perfect city for the Aire experience. Also, as the saying goes... if you make it in NY you can make it anywhere. The first phase was to find the perfect building with history that had enough space for this amazing project. We found this Tribeca space in 88 Franklin and we have created 16,000 square feet of calm and serenity.