Show Off Those Pearly Whites
End your summer on a high note - with a bright smile.














Dr. Arthur Glosman, a cosmetic dentist located in Beverly Hills chats with us about the best ways to show off those pearly whites. Dr. Glosman has been featured on CNN, TLC, Bravo, MSNBC, and more. With a healthy end-of-summer glow and Labor Day Weekend right around the corner, this is the perfect time to show off your smile. Dr. Glosman shares some tips on getting those teeth as white as can be and how to prevent tooth stains and chapped lips.

"With my practice being in sunny California – in Beverly Hills festooned with celebrities and VIPs who demand bright summer teeth for a beautiful smile, whitening your teeth is a quick and easy way to get results.  There are a few options for whitening teeth depending on the color and condition of your teeth to begin with," says Dr. Glosman. 

1.  For a professional whitening of teeth that really need a boost in color and a general dental check-up, I recommend an in-office treatment with your cosmetic dentist. This is needed for those individuals that have discolored teeth and have not had their regular annual check-up. I strongly recommend this for these people because it’s useless to whiten teeth that are in poor condition as you could just be masking a dental problem that could be serious. For any whitening and to get optimal results, it’s important to start with a healthy mouth. 

2.  If you have a healthy mouth and are just looking for a summer boost, try the at-home whitening kits. I prefer that my patients use the kits with trays that are customizable – you can easily conform the tray to your mouth and teeth. This way, you ensure that the bleach is adhering to the teeth, allowing for optimal results. With any whitening treatment, always make sure you have the right concentration of bleach – the active ingredient that whitens the teeth. There are two kinds of bleach which the change the natural color of your teeth: carbomide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. I prefer a carbomide peroxide gel as it's typically easier on the teeth and gums – and carbomide peroxide reacts with water and saliva to form hydrogen peroxide. Look for a whitening treatment with no less than 12% carbomide peroxide to get that summer boost.  And again, see your dentist before any whitening treatment if you suspect a problem with your teeth, gums, tongue, or lips.                

To get rid of stains: An in-office professional whitening treatment with a cosmetic dentist is best for those who have stains.

To avoid chapped lips: Our lips get used a lot…they’re prone to being used and abused. They’re used for talking, eating, emoting, and breathing – all activities that we do constantly throughout the day. To top it off, they have an extremely thin, very sensitive layer of skin lacking in sweat glands and sebaceous glands.  Sebaceous glands - though the bane of teens fighting acne - are actually one of skin’s best friends as sebaceous glands secrete sebum, an oily, waxy matter whose role is to lubricate and protect your skin. When compared to the skin on the rest of your face – because of the lack of sweat glands, our lips are the most vulnerable to drying out – getting chapped lips. In fact, research shows you lose up to 10 times more moisture through your lips than you do elsewhere on the face or the body. Since lips are lacking in sweat and sebaceous glands, we need to make sure we protect them from an array of elements and not only the sun. My number one tip for preventing chapped lips is to use a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15, preferably an SPF of 30.  Use the lip balm anytime you are outside – rain or shine. 

Now go out there and show off that smile!