Keep that Summer Glow All Autumn Long
Products that keep your skin shining every season

Just because summer is over, it's no reason to have dry skin and a dull complexion. We've scoured the shelves and tested out some of the best make-up products, lotions and potions to provide you with a beautiful summer glow all-year long. Check out Joonbug's top picks for head to toe beautification. 

Protection: Pretty much the coolest innovation since blue sunscreen, Brush on Block ($24.95) is the answer to your sun protection prayers. This SPF is offered up in powder form, so no mess, no goo and best of all, it won't explode in your suitcase! The translucent SPF 30 powder is water-proof and does not clog pores or irritate the skin, unlike oily sunscreens. This unique and easy way to protect your skin was created by Susan Posnick, who is a seasoned makeup artist and a cancer survivor.


Cheeks: Color Me ($32) by Susan Posnick Cosmetics, is THE blush go-to for this Fall. The compact blush pigment comes in multiple colors, perfect for every skin tone and can even be used as eye shadow or lip color. It is a breeze to apply, with a self-dispensing pot and powder puff, along with a mirror. The colors give your face a refreshing and easy look, making your skin glow just as it should all year round.



Lips: Susan Posnick sure knows how to create great make-up as proven by ColorDuo, a versatile double-sided lip pencil that provides both super moistening and lip plumping in addition to long-lasting rich lip color. The pencil features two shades that flatter all faces - nude and rouge. So whether it's day or night, you've got it all covered. The ColorDuo can be used as a base under your lipstick or on its own. Unlike other lip pencils, this one is super smooth and lasts forever



Nails: Floss Gloss offers chemical free nail polish ($8) in a wide array of colors that are sure to put a pep in your step. Even though summer has come to an end, that's no reason not to show off your glowing skin. And there's no better way to do that than with fun, bright colors. We recommend Floss Gloss in Bikini Coral for a festive look or Wavepool, for a more subtle, yet playful look. And with such fun summery names, who can resist?


Face: Keep your skin smooth as a baby's...you know...with LAFACE Laboratories beauty-enhancing lotions and serums. Start off with their Cellular Regeneration Cream ($300), which helps improve uneven skin tones, reduces wrinkles, stimulates collagen production and reduces sagging. This cream moisturizes the skin and decreases the signs of aging. If you are worried about the lofty price, just think about how much more Botox costs, and this gives the same results minus the hassle and pain. Their Hydrating and Purifying Serum ($140) also helps with combatting the aging process by toning wrinkles, diminishing acne, and provides quality anti-oxidants, proteins, and other healthy minerals to your skin, leaving it positively glowing. 

Body: Now that you've got your glamorous face covered, it's time to move onto the bod. LAFACE Laboratories not only has products for the face, but for the body, as well. Their Hydrating and Firming Body Lotion ($65) is the master of all trades, giving your skin super moisture without being oily and tightening and lifting the skin. The lotion also combats the formation of cellulite and reduces stretch marks. So now that you're all lotioned up, it's time to show off those gams!