Time for Gangnam Style!
Vera Wang brings you the Gangnam look for less
Surely by now you've seen the quirky and hilarious Korean YouTube sensation, PSY, who has been topping charts with his hit "Gangnam Style." This catchy tune has taken the nation by storm and just in case you want to start riding that pony out at the clubs, we've got you prepared with the perfect outfit to match. Check out the collection from Vera Wang at Kohl's for everything you need and get Gangnam Stylized!

1. Sweet Pair of Quirky Sunglasses

Sunglasses from Simply Vera Vera Wang $36

2. Rockin' Blazer
Princess Vera Wang Blazers $64 and Under; Simply Vera Vera Wang Textured Blazer $78
3. Cool Button-Up Blouse

Princess Vera Wang Studded Button-Up Blouse $38, Simply Vera Sheer Button-Up Blouse $54

4. Vibrant Colored Pants

 Simply Vera Vera Wang and Princess Vera Wang Colored Pants $54
5. Menswear Inspired Shoes

Simply Vera Vera Wang and Princess Vera Wang Loafers - $80 and Under