How a Tender 21-yr Old Founded Online Shopping Mecca

If you're looking for a diverse mix of brassy accessories to flaunt all over NYC, then  Erin Yogasundram is who you need to get in touch with. Making serious moves as the owner of the online store, ShopJeen, she has already taken the steps needed to become a successful entrepreneur at the mere age of twenty one.

“I have always had my hand in fashion in one way or another,” she told us of her different fashion phases. “When I was 12 I really liked Good Charlotte so I would hang out at Trash & Vaudeville a lot. Then I went through an Abercrombie & Fitch phase.  I have been all over the board and my style is constantly changing.”

Currently on leave from George Washington University, the budding fashionista decided to sell her prized possesion, her Celine bag, and it was then that ShopJeen was born. Although she said she didn’t always want to get into fashion, it came natural. “I wanted to be a stylist, publicist...you name it.  While in college I was working at a small boutique in Washington, DC and learned the ropes of retail.  I found that my strong point was definitely buying, so I saved up some money and figured online was my best bet since the startup costs are relatively small,” she said on the start of ShopJeen.

ShopJeen is in the works to expand to an NYC store where Erin will continue to do all of the buying. “It’s tough to balance that with your typical 'business owner' duties, but I've been managing alright.  When I'm at home in bed, I'll search for new brands to bring into the store.  I'm really passionate about buying and I think I have a pretty good eye for new trends, and I have mastered online research so I definitely exhaust all resources when searching for new stuff.”

Already gaining a positive track record in the biz, the daring 21-year-old has many plans and ideas for the future to come. Erin described walking around her neighborhood seeing Shop Jeen totes and meeting people at a coffee shop and having them know about the site as being "the best feeling in the world.” Get to know Erin more in our Q&A with her below and be sure to check out ShopJeen for current on trend accessories.

Describe your fashion sense. This is the most difficult question for me to answer.  Every single thing carried at ShopJeen.com is something I would wear.  But if you go to the site, you'll see that many different styles are reflected because I want to keep a wide customer demographic.  I think there is something for everyone, all ages, prices and styles.  I would like to say that that business model reflects my fashion sense.

Who are your favorite designers? I'm going to shout out Shop Jeen vendors!  I have such a strong relationship with them-especially the ones who've been there since the beginning.  Vanessa Mooney, Bliss Lau, Cast of Vices, Dannijo, LUV AJ, Melody Ehsani, Noir Jewelry,Verameat, Chromat, Cult Gaia, Mara Hoffman, and SUPER.

When buying for ShopJeen, what do you always keep in mind? 'On a scale of 1-10 how crazy is this?'  I like to have a good balance of crazy.  I think a lot of our pieces are out-there, daring fashion risks that not everyone would take.  

How has social media played a role in getting the ShopJeen name out there? Instagram is our #1 source of traffic.  I am constantly updating the Instagram and we've grown 35k followers in the past month.  I also find a bunch of brands/products to buy for the shop through people we follow on Instagram.  

Currently, what is on trend for you right now? It's all about vulgar sayings!  Some of our best sellers include ADEEN Hats, In God We Trust Necklaces and Household Items by Blue Q with dirty words on them.

In the end, was it totally worth it to sell that Celine bag? Best decision I've ever made in my life!