Beauty 101 and Beyond
Do You Know Michelle Phan?

Here it is, I’m exposing my best kept secret. I’m girly in every sense of the word with exception of the fact that I can’t apply make-up for the life of me (err, and I have a slight case of potty mouth). But, for real, my morning make-up routine takes about 10-minutes tops; a generous gob of SPF moisturizer, my cant-live-with-out Laura Mercier tinted foundation, my good ole MAC studio fix NC-40, Nars orgasm blush and the real inexperienced make-up artist part of the ritual, eye shadow application via index finger before finishing off my look with Dior mascara.

Work, eat, sleep, repeat, repeat, REPEAT. There ya go.

Though my routine is simple, quick, easy and certainly does the trick. There are those times when I want to take it up a knotch, especially when bouncing around from bar to bar, resto to resto, party to party which I tend to do on a very regular basis. For those special fetes, it’d be a good idea to whip out the brushes and eyeliner, learn some new tricks and work on refining my ever slowly growing skill.

Enter Michelle Phan, my make-up artist BFF, knows I’m a gal on the girl and suggested I subscribe to Phan’s daily newsletter for fun beauty tips and tricks. A few days in and I’m already hooked. In fact, I even made a trip to Sephora to snag a few new products including Primer, gasp!

Phan's helpful hints range from teaching you the basics (applying conceiler, primer and creating contoured cheeks) to defining your lashes, enhancing your curly locks and staying on trend, with seasonal nail colors. Phan also touches on fashion too, but the beauty is defintiely where her strength is.

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