Beauty Trend: Alexa Persico Cosmetics
The young entrepreneur is destined to make a name for herself in the beauty industry

It's always fun to be in on what's new and trending in the beauty world. After all, makeup is a form of art and our face is the canvas! Whether you're dedicated to your favorite Sephora lip gloss, Benefit bronzing power, or Urban Decay eye shadows--we all have our favorite makeup brands. It's also great to venture and explore other brands and that's why we're currently obsessing over Alexa Persico Cosmetics. The line was founded by CEO, Alexa Persico, a 20-year-old makeup artist who has turned the dream of creating her own line into a reality. 

"I realized I wanted to be in the makeup industry when I was around 14 years old. I've always had a love for makeup and loved the idea of making people feel beautiful," she said on how she realized she wanted to pursue a career as a makeup artist. Since the debut of the collection in August, the line has garnered many positive responses and support. "Since the launch, we have sold out of shades in our Lip Velour Collection as well as our Lipstick Collection. It's a crazy feeling to know that people love the line as much as I do. I couldn't be happier with how everything is going."

The line is fit for any makeup lover. Choose from the "Sultry Night Out" eye shadow palette which is great if you want to perfect your smokey eye for a night out or get flirty with the Lip Velour shades. The line comes with great perks as well. Not only is the quality excellent but Alexa's line falls into an affordable price point. Get to know the makeup maven and read our Q&A with her below!

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a make up artist?  I remember growing up, every Saturday my parents would go out to dinner and I would always knock on my mom's door right before she was about to apply her makeup so I could somehow help her and watch. I knew even then I wanted to start a makeup line as well as be a makeup artist. I loved to sketch out what my line was one day going to look like, and the funny thing is the same logo I designed 7 years ago is exactly what is on my packaging now.

What have you been doing to promote your brand? Since we are an online based company, we have been doing a lot of social media marketing which has helped us greatly. We have also looked into ads in popular magazines. I believe the best kind of promotion is word of mouth which has significantly aided us in the acquisition of new clientele.

What services do you offer in addition to having your own make up line? Alexa Persico Cosmetics offers a wide range of makeup services in and around the New York, Tri-State area including: On Location Bridal Makeup,  Evening Makeup Application, Group Techniques & One-on-One Makeup Lessons.

Where did you train? Cos school? Internship? Did you work under a particular make-up artist?  A lot of my training was self taught whenever I had the chance to apply makeup on someone I would. I was always so interested in learning different styles of makeup like Runway, Special Effects, etc. which is why in the early stages of my career I started to research advanced makeup courses in NYC and that is how I really learned amazing techniques that I still use till this day. I am so honored to say that I have trained with some of the best makeup artists in the business. My favorite in particular, who I got to work one on one with, is celebrity makeup artist, Paula Kelly. The work she has done is legendary. She was the makeup artist for box office hits: (The Perfect Storm, Jumanji, Sex & The City, The Avengers, Men in Black,The Departed, Salt. ) and the list goes on and on! She was amazing to work with and I learned so much from her.

What do you love most about your line?  I love that my line is really the definition of “easy makeup,” yet still having that professional touch. Every color is customized to be the perfect shade for any skin tone. I basically took the guess work out for you and put in the colors that I know will make you look great. Every product in my line is priced under $25.00. I take a lot of pride in being able to give my customers high quality reasonably priced products.
Do you have a favorite product? I have put so much hard work and detail into every single product that its hard to say what is my favorite because they all are and I wear all my products!

Do you have any easy make-up tips for women? Always prime your eye before applying eyeshadow, and most of all be confident! When you have good self esteem your makeup will look much better.

Any plans to expand your line? Yes, we are currently working on Spring/Summer 2013 shades for our best selling collection, "Lip Velour" as well as some new lipstick shades. I have so many other product ideas in mind I cant wait for them to come to life in the future.

Right now, you can buy your products online. Any plans to get them into stores? Absolutely, my dream for this line is to become a global brand, so women around the world can have access to our products. I know everything will come in time so for now I'm extremely happy with the positive reviews we are receiving about the line and I am just going to take it one step at a time, like they say "Rome wasn't built in one day."